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Does Your Healthcare Marketing Ignore 125 Million Mobile Users?

By Abigail Moore on April 5, 2018
77% of web users own a smartphone, and they're using it to choose their next doctor. If your healthcare content marketing strategy doesn't adopt a mobile-first agenda, you won't be the first result on the SERP. Visit our blog to learn more.

Content Bots Need Not Apply – Why Robots Can't Replace Human Content Writers

By Mike Shaughnessy on April 4, 2018
Automated content development is on the rise, but are content writers going to be left behind in the robotic revolution? We'll show you why it's important to buy articles from expert writers of the human variety.

Upgrade Your 2018 Content Development Strategy With Influencers

By Kelly Landers on April 3, 2018
One of the hottest marketing trends for 2018, influencer marketing leverages the unique perspectives and voices of influencers to increase brand trust, attract qualified leads and boost ROI. Visit our blog to learn more about this promising content development tactic.

Why You Should Add Visual Storytelling To Your Content Marketing Campaigns

By Mike Shaughnessy on April 2, 2018
Content writers can paint a picture with their words, but why not engage your audience with an actual picture, video or graphic? Learn about how visual storytelling can enhance your content marketing strategy.

How To Make The Blog Content You Buy #Instafamous

By Sean Messier on March 30, 2018
In modern business, social media is an essential part of any blog SEO content writing strategy. Visit our blog to learn how you can make the most of Instagram’s many features, from Stories to hashtags, to drive traffic to your business blog.

Online Grocery Customers Are Hungry For Optimized Product Data

By Liz Landry on Mar 29, 2018 11:37:42 AM
With the recent rise of online grocery apps and websites, more customers are choosing to do their grocery shopping without actually entering a store. Make sure your grocery business’ online ordering components take advantage of quality product data that gives you an edge over the competition.

Boring Blog? 5 Tricks That Insurance Companies Use To Transform Yawn-Worthy Content

By Caleigh Gran on March 29, 2018
Insurance is boring – or is it? Insurance companies can engage with and relate to their readers by making these 5 improvements to their blog. With the right strategy in place, you can transform yawn-worthy insurance topics into buzzworthy pieces of content.

Become The King Of SERP With These 5 Types Of Content Writing Services

By Kelly Landers on March 28, 2018
Content writing services, including ebooks, white papers, case studies, infographics, live-streaming videos and blogs, can attract prospects, generate leads, drive conversions and much, much more. Visit our site to learn how businesses in hypercompetitive industries can compete for SERP rankings.

Tuesday Newsday: #DeleteFacebook, Google’s Mobile-First Index And Instagram Algorithm Updates

By Kelly Landers on March 27, 2018
In this edition of Tuesday Newsday, we dissect Facebook’s gaffe regarding Cambridge Analytica and how it relates to social media and digital marketing. Instagram also announces changes to its algorithm, which makes feeds timelier, and Google’s John Mueller reveals more info about the mobile-first index.

Super-Specialized Business? Even You Need Content Writing Services

By Kelly Landers on March 26, 2018
Some businesses in super-niche industries think their products and services are too boring to blog about. But there’s no boring industry, only boring content. Here, we dive into reasons why your highly specialized business should invest in content writing services.