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Easy As 1, 2, 3: How To Buy Content Development Services

By Caleigh Gran on January 11, 2018
You need content development services because you already have too much to do. Will it be a hassle to get your copywriting agency started on your blog posts and landing pages? It shouldn't be if you've chosen the right firm. In this post we'll show you how easy it is to start buying content.

We Can Help You Hire Expert Writers, But Should You Do it?

By Abigail Moore on January 10, 2018
Managing a content marketing program with no trained writers on staff can put your business in a bind. But how do you hire expert writers that deliver quality content? Here we offer some tips for hiring the best content writers, plus reasons why you might be better served with other options.

Here's Why We Had To Start Selling Content Writing Services

By Kelly Landers on January 9, 2018
As inbound content strategists, writers and editors, the creative team at Virtucom Group knows exactly what it means to create quality, SEO-friendly blog posts. If you’re wondering why we sell blog content and other content development services, here’s your chance to find out.

Ditch Your Content Writers If They Don’t Have These 8 Traits

By Sean Messier on January 8, 2018
The best content writers have a skill set that goes well beyond an adept handle on the English language. From research and editorial skills to SEO and great communication, you can learn more about what this unique set of traits includes at our blog.

Why Expert Writers Always Spy On Competitors' Business Blogs

By Kelly Landers on January 5, 2018
Expert writers know the keys to success when it comes to creating business blogs, and now you can, too. Learn how to beat out your competition on our blog.

Pass or Fail? Learn How to Rate Your Content Writing Services Provider

By Kelly Landers on January 4, 2018
Monitor the performance of your content writing services and track your content marketing progress by creating a comprehensive partner scorecard.

Misinformation, Missed Sales And Other Product Data Catastrophes

By Liz Landry on Jan 3, 2018 11:00:00 AM
Are customers misled by incorrect product data on your retail site? Read on to find out the true cost of product data errors lurking in your site’s content.

Use The Right Characters To Jump-Start Your Content Development

By Sheryl Davis on January 3, 2018
Content marketing campaigns are more effective when content development includes storytelling. Here’s how to choose a character to tell a compelling story.

Don't Let Your Copywriting Agency Get Away With These 4 Mistakes

By Kelly Landers on January 2, 2018
If your current copywriting agency fails to drive conversions, writes subpar content or rarely hits deadlines, it’s time to look for other copywriting firms.

5 Of The Worst Business Blog Mistakes Your Content Writers Are Making

By Britt DeJohn on December 29, 2017
Are your content writers making these 5 mistakes? If so, they may be doing serious damage to your business blog’s chances for success.