Why Cybersecurity Businesses Need Content Marketing Now More than Ever

June 29, 2023

by Brian Wright

The advancement of technology has generated a new world online. More and more people are using the Internet for an array of purposes, such as work, entertainment, and shopping. Unfortunately, the threat of cybercriminals still looms, creating the need for an online security plan that includes everything from antivirus software to password management tools. 

Cybersecurity is a continuously evolving market with complicated services. In many cases, leads can’t tell the difference between one vendor and the next. One way cybersecurity businesses can showcase their cutting-edge security products and services and help their brand stand out is by implementing a strong cybersecurity content marketing strategy.

Here, Virtucom Group, an agency delivering content services and strategic solutions for a variety of industries and other writing agencies, details the reasons why cybersecurity businesses need content marketing services now more than ever.

Opportunities Up for Grabs

There used to be a time when cyber attacks were reserved for specific industries. Certain leads could get away with not having the most up-to-date cybersecurity in place because there wasn’t a real need for it. Sadly, those days are gone as in today’s world — no industry is safe from cybercriminals.

Tech News Business reports that the top five most targeted industries in 2022 were healthcare, financial services, retail, education, and energy and utilities. Certain types of cyber crimes are experiencing surges as well, according to Security Intelligence.

Phishing attacks increased by 48% in the first half of 2022, and reports of 11,395 incidents cost businesses a total of $12.3 million. Ransomware attacks grew by 41% in 2022 and identification and remediation for a breach took 49 days longer than the average breach. Furthermore, research suggests that up to 40% of cyber threats are now occurring directly through the supply chain.

What does all this mean for the cybersecurity industry? As more and more businesses of all sizes are coming under attack, the demand for solutions grows. Cybersecurity companies can take advantage of this demand with a strategic content marketing strategy in place.

Leads Want Vendors to Educate Them

Cyber threats are continuing to evolve. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their plans of attack. It can be difficult enough for cybersecurity professionals to keep up, let alone a small or large business juggling day-to-day operations.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that almost 75% of IT decision-makers prefer vendors who educate them. Cybersecurity content marketing not only demonstrates the features of a particular security product or service but also helps shows leads how it can benefit them. This strategy may make a lead more likely to purchase security solutions from you instead of the competition.

Catering to What Leads Desire

With growing concern and the need for reliable cybersecurity solutions, you would think marketing content on the topic would be easy to find. Statistics say otherwise. 91% of IT decision-makers surveyed said they find it difficult to locate find high-quality content on the concepts they want to know about. More so, 96% of IT decision-makers want content that is tailored to their needs, with industry-specific content being their top priority

What these numbers indicate is the door is wide open for your cybersecurity business to step in and give leads what they want. Showcasing your company’s security solutions through a detailed content marketing plan makes it a lot easier for leads to believe your business would be the best fit for their organization. 

Cybersecurity Content Marketing with Virtucom Group

So, why is it more important now than ever for cybersecurity businesses to implement a strong content marketing strategy? In short, demand. The writing team at Virtucom Group can help your cybersecurity business seize this opportunity by creating effective solutions to meet all of your content creation needs. We specialize in creating content that is informative and engaging, as well as relevant to your target audience. Cybersecurity companies who are ready to tap into the power of cybersecurity content marketing can contact us today to learn more.

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