Choosing the Right Content Marketing Agency for Your Needs

March 7, 2023

by Andrew Stack

Establishing the company’s brand, producing written and visual content, conducting market research, and spearheading marketing campaigns – these are just some tasks marketing agencies and content end users do. It’s understandable for these teams to get overwhelmed with their tasks, but there are ways to lighten the load, such as investing in white label content marketing.

As the name indicates, content providers draft material businesses use to inform current and prospective customers. This content is often published digitally on websites, social media accounts, and similar channels. White label means the content provider doesn’t take ownership of the material — it’s produced and distributed using the marketing agency’s or company’s branding.

Before deciding on a content partner, there are several aspects to consider. Learn more about content writing for agencies from content marketing econsultancy Virtucom Group to make the best choice.

What Are Your Needs?

The first step is to evaluate what you hope to get from the partnership. Think about the type of content you need the most help creating. For example, if most of your clients are ecommerce, you want a provider that can assist with product and category content, as well as buying guides and similar materials. If more of your clients need assistance creating content for their websites, such as blogs or location and landing pages, consider a provider specializing in longform.

For marketing agencies representing numerous clients, a partner that offers comprehensive services can be the best option. At Virtucom Group, our skilled writers and content strategists have extensive experience creating various types of content for businesses across multiple industries, including:

  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Marketing firms
  • Retailers
  • Software providers

What Is Your Budget?

The cost of content marketing will differ depending on your needs, and several variables may dictate pricing. In general, white label content marketing is worth the investment when it generates more customer engagement and conversions at a reasonable price.

To evaluate what you can afford, look toward your budget. It will guide you in determining how much you can realistically spend on content services while maintaining adequate resources for other tasks.

Since no two marketing agencies will have the same budgets or content requirements, working with a provider that offers several options can be beneficial. Virtucom Group extends multiple content marketing packages designed for marketing agencies and individual organizations. If a client can’t find an existing package that suits them, we can create a custom solution tailored to their specifications. Besides the flexibility of our content marketing packages, we continually look for ways to keep costs low.

What Are the Provider’s Other Capabilities?

Content creation is only one piece of the puzzle — marketing agencies often need assistance with the other components of content marketing. When researching providers, see which have additional capabilities that can help you deliver exceptional service to your clients or enable your site to stand out from the competition.

Virtucom Group’s expertise goes beyond crafting clear, complete, and compelling content. For example, we have a digital asset team that can supplement written content with vivid images and videos, making it much more likely consumers will choose your clients when deciding where to purchase. We also offer data solutions to help normalize and cleanse your data, ensuring your content better serves you and your customers. Some capabilities include:

  • Attribute modeling
  • Customized data feeds
  • Data cleansing
  • Faceted navigation
  • Hierarchy design
  • Migration services

Commitment to quality is essential when choosing a content provider. For this reason, Virtucom Group also delivers content editing and proofreading to confirm your material is error-free and ready to go live. When content is accurate and consistent, it often resonates more with audiences and can help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP).

Make the Right Choice for Your Marketing Agency

By working with a content marketing agency that tailors solutions to your needs at a price that pleases your budget, you’re on your way to greater success with campaigns and return on investment for clients.

For over 15 years, Virtucom Group has been a trusted content marketing provider serving various agencies and businesses. We continue to innovate our services to meet the changing needs of our clients and to account for new industry developments. Contact us today to learn more about content marketing econsultancy and our services.

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