10 Common Content Marketing Topics Written by Virtucom Group

May 30, 2023

by Nicole Sorce

On any given day, you might find yourself conducting various internet searches. They may relate to products or services you’re considering, or they could be burning questions about how something works. Whatever the case, it’s quite possible that some of the highest-ranking content on the search engine results pages (SERPs) has been written by our team.

When you think about how many internet searches are conducted, it goes without saying that your business’ content needs to be written with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. According to HubSpot, Google alone sees roughly 63,000 search queries per second, which equates to over 5.6 billion searches per day. In other words, a sound content marketing strategy has ample opportunity to bring your company return on investment, new business, and a better reputation.

Of course, if you’re like most business owners or marketing agencies, finding the time to write SEO-friendly content is a constant challenge. Luckily, Virtucom Group offers a viable solution with our content writing services, which are performed by experienced, in-house employees capable of writing for any industry. To give you an idea of our talents, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most common content marketing topics our team has written over our 20+ years in business.

#1. Content Marketing for Healthcare and Wellness

The population of the United States continues to grow, and the Baby Boomer generation keeps getting older. In fact, one in every five Americans will reach retirement age by 2030. For health and wellness providers, this means their services will become even more in-demand than they are now. With all of that being said, it’s no wonder why healthcare and wellness content is among the most frequent requests fielded by Virtucom Group. Whether you’re a medical doctor, dentist, physical therapist, or nutritionist, content marketing for healthcare and wellness is more crucial now than it’s ever been.

#2. Content Marketing for Banks, Accountants, and Financial Businesses

As long as money, taxes, and investment opportunities exist, there will always be a need for banks and qualified financial services. At Virtucom Group, we assist with content marketing for accountants, financial advisors, investment brokers, wealth management agents, banks, and related businesses. Financial topics can always be found in our writers’ workflows, whether we’re crafting a blog post about mortgages or a landing page about retirement planning services.

#3. Content Marketing for Private Schools and Higher Education

From public charter schools and private grade schools to colleges and universities, Virtucom Group has seen it all when it comes to education content marketing. Not only is SEO a must-have tactic in an education marketing strategy, but websites must also keep branding and school spirit top of mind. Education providers should have clear, fact-filled landing pages and blog posts dedicated to the following:

  • History, mission, and vision of the institution
  • Programs offered
  • Extracurricular sports teams and clubs
  • Campus location and amenities
  • Financial aid
  • Community involvement
  • Information for parents and guardians (if applicable)

#4. Content Marketing for Travel Companies

From the wonders of the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf of Mexico to the Adirondack Mountains, Virtucom Group’s team is constantly writing about the top tourism destinations in North America. Beyond content marketing for hotels and travel agencies, we also create content for government tourism boards. Have a portfolio of vacation rentals to promote? Virtucom Group can help you write designated landing pages for each property or unit. Interested in drawing attention to local hotspots in your community? Allow our blog content services to do the work. We also offer content for social media posts, email newsletters, ebooks, sponsor content, and more.

#5. Content Marketing for Construction and Architects

With the United States population steadily growing, new construction for homes and buildings is inevitable. People are also putting more resources into their existing houses or by recruiting home improvement and custom construction assistance. Content marketing for architects and construction companies can make all the difference for businesses in this industry. With a sound content strategy in place, including everything from ebooks to social media posts, these companies can remain competitive and easy to find in a crowded online marketplace.

#6. Content Marketing for Fashion and Luxury Brands

In the world of ecommerce, the fashion sector represents around 23% of total virtual retail revenue – and that number is only expected to increase over time. That’s why content marketing for luxury brands, designers, and other fashion entities is a must. Since we were founded over 20 years ago, we have provided SEO-rich, engaging content to Fortune 500 retailers, from sporting goods and apparel to designer sunglasses. We’ve also worked with local specialty boutiques, outdoor gear stores, and more – you name it, and we’ve probably written about it!

#7. Content Marketing for Wine

This one might come as a surprise, but online wine shopping has taken off in recent years, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Online shopping was then a necessity, but now, people are reluctant to go back to their old ways. Why leave the house for wine when you can have it delivered right to your door? Whether your business offers monthly wine subscriptions or sells through popular delivery apps, now is the time to step up your wine content marketing game.

#8. Content Marketing for Life Sciences

The life sciences industry includes everything having to do with living organisms, from biology and botany to biochemistry and physiology. Businesses and educators in this field can truly change the world, which is why life science content marketing is not negotiable. Get the word out about fundraising for certain research projects, or announce a breakthrough discovery, by ensuring all of your content is written with SEO in mind. And since you’re probably too busy to do this on your own, consider the help of a content partner like Virtucom Group.

#9. Content Marketing for Biotech

Integrating engineering and natural sciences, biotechnology, or biotech for short, this field is exploding in the 2020s, estimated to be worth $3.44 trillion by 2030. Biotech content marketing has the potential to raise that value even higher. By publishing clear, accurate information and regularly sharing content, biotech companies can become easier to find on the populated World Wide Web, thus driving more attention and revenues to their initiatives.

#10. Content Marketing for Cannabis

Although marijuana can only be purchased in certain states, Virtucom Group regularly receives content marketing requests for cannabis businesses. From Michigan to Massachusetts, all cannabis dispensaries and producers must have web content that accomplishes several goals, including:

  • Educating consumers about the origins of their products and how they should be consumed
  • Helping shoppers easily find the store and the products they desire
  • Meeting any and all compliance regulations

Learn More about Our Content Writing Services at Virtucom Group

If you don’t see your industry listed here, that doesn’t mean we don’t write for it! At Virtucom Group, our experienced, in-house writing and editing teams are highly trained to write for any and every industry, from information technology (IT) and cybersecurity to government agencies and senior care centers. For more information about our content marketing capabilities for professional services, contact us today.

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