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COVID-19: A Boom in Ecommerce Traffic Means New Challenges for Retailers

By Virtucom Group Team on April 27, 2020
COVID-19 may bring an increase in online sales, but retailers face a host of challenges along with it. Learn more in this blog by Virtucom Group.

Not Ranking? Blame Your Product Pages

By Virtucom Group Team on February 28, 2020
If you feel confident in your ecommerce strategy, check your position on the search engine results page. Visit Virtucom Group’s blog to see why your product pages could be a problem.

New Year, Same Ecommerce Strategy, Same Problems

By Virtucom Group Team on January 23, 2020
It’s a new year with new goals – why use the same ecommerce strategy that failed to deliver last year? Check out the Virtucom Group blog to learn more.

Black Friday 2019 Is Coming: Are Your SKUs Online?

By Virtucom Group Team on Nov 19, 2019 12:29:30 PM
Prepping for Black Friday can be challenging for e-commerce retailers, but these tips from Virtucom Group can make all the difference for your product content team. For more information, contact Virtucom Group today.

Don't Replace Your ECommerce Product Data and Content Team – Extend It

By Virtucom Group Team on August 12, 2019
If your e-commerce team is falling behind, you need a partner – not a replacement. See how Virtucom Group works with your team to solve these challenges.

Don't Buy SEO Articles If They Aren’t Optimized For Featured Snippets

By Virtucom Group Team on April 24, 2019
A featured snippet, displayed at the top of a search engine results page, summarizes the answer to a user’s query. Extracted from a web page and put into an easy-to-read format, featured snippets are designed to provide quick answers. When you buy SEO articles, make sure your content is optimized for featured snippets.

Kick Your Used Car Sales into High Gear with Content Marketing

By Virtucom Group Team on September 21, 2018
With an ever-changing inventory of used and pre-owned vehicles for sale, your automotive dealership may struggle to find effective ways of marketing used cars to prospective customers. Read on to discover how content marketing attracts used car shoppers to your dealership’s site to earn their sales.

To Market Through Storytelling, You Must Know Your Audience

By Virtucom Group Team on July 5, 2018
Your content might seem stellar, but if it’s not designed for your target audience, it’s probably going to flop. Visit our blog to learn why your content should be founded upon detailed audience research, as well as how you can work that research into your blog strategy.

Planning To Buy Articles? Here’s How To Pick The Right Agency For The Job

By Virtucom Group Team on June 11, 2018
Not ready to delve into the world of content marketing on your own? Outsourcing your content work is an excellent choice – but it’s important to choose a copywriting agency that meets your needs. Discover how to identify the agency that’s right for your business.

An Academic Blog Is The Long-Term Solution To A Longer Purchase Path

By Virtucom Group Team on June 6, 2018
Colleges and universities present unique marketing challenges due to a long purchase path and an extremely diverse target audience. Check out today's post to see why an academic blog could be the solution to your marketing needs.