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How To Make Sure Your Content Marketing Campaign Is Authentic

By Sheryl Davis on May 21, 2018
What’s the easiest way to destroy trust with your customers? Inauthentic content. Today’s blog post delves into why authenticity is critical and how to make sure your content marketing campaign rings true for your audience.

8 Essential Tips For Creating PPC Ads That Convert

By Sean Messier on May 18, 2018
A carefully crafted PPC campaign can send sales skyrocketing. But without a strategic approach to your platform of choice, there’s a good chance that your ads will flop. Learn how to create effective PPC ads on the Virtucom Group website.

Conquer 2018 With An Irresistible Thought Leadership Strategy

By Kelly Landers on May 14, 2018
Over the years, thought leadership has become increasingly popular as customers turned to the Internet to research products and services. In order to compete for your audience’s attention, you need a thought leadership strategy that positions your brand as a trusted partner.

These 3 Companies Are Doing Brand Persona Right

By Caleigh Gran on May 11, 2018
Trying to build up your company’s brand persona? Draw some inspiration from these three companies, all of whom present a clear image of who they are, what they stand for and why their customers love them.

Need 40% More Leads? Add Content Marketing Strategy To Your Legal Blogs

By Han-Kuo Yang on May 9, 2018
Law firms used to rely on word of mouth to spread news about their services, but the times have changed. Read on to find out how law firms are using legal blogs with content marketing strategy to turn readers into clients.

Do Your Homework: Read Through A Copywriting Agency’s Blog Before Buying Content

By Caleigh Gran on May 7, 2018
Before you hire writers, take a minute to look through their company blog. This is where you’ll see exactly what each specific copywriting agency has to offer, the good and the bad. That way, you can feel confident you’ve selected the best writing services for your needs.

The Content Marketer's 2018 Guide To Facebook [Infographic]

By Caleigh Gran on May 4, 2018
For a quick look at what you need to know about Facebook in 2018, check out this Content Marketer's Guide to Facebook infographic.

The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Audience Engagement With Your Blog

By Mike Shaughnessy on April 30, 2018
Whether your goal is better brand awareness, boosted sales or becoming an industry thought leader, improving audience engagement with your business blog is an important step in achieving your objectives . With this comprehensive guide, we'll deliver tips to help you optimize your blog's potential.

Get Pinning: A Complete Guide to Promoting Blog Content on Pinterest

By Caleigh Gran on April 27, 2018
When most people think of Pinterest, they think of recipes, decorating ideas and wedding planning. Because of that, some companies hesitate to share their blog content to Pinterest. But by following a good strategy with best practices, any B2C or B2B company can find success on this platform.

Tackle Sensitive Topics With 4 Tips For Defense Attorneys' Legal Blogs

By Caleigh Gran on April 25, 2018
When you defend clients against serious charges, it can be difficult to craft website content that addresses sensitive topics with the appropriate tone. However, failing to do so results in missed traffic and lost clients. Here are our best tips for writing about sensitive legal topics.