Why Category Content Needs to Be in Your Ecommerce Strategy

November 17, 2022

by Hannah Hall

Implementing category content pages into your ecommerce strategy can provide many benefits to your company’s overall website design. Not only can it create a more personable shopping experience, but it can also improve search engine optimization (SEO) and increase sales and website traffic.

There are many aspects to creating efficient category content in your website design, making this a great opportunity for enhancing your online presence. Using our knowledge of ecommerce content, content writing services, and data solutions, Virtucom Group talks about category content and how you can begin crafting your strategy.

What Is Category Content?

Traditional product description pages look at specific features and details for each product. However, category content differs from this by looking at all related products as a whole. Products typically naturally fall into different categories and subcategories. This makes it easy to create category content pages that provide further context, details, and information about these categories and subcategories. For example, a company may sell a variety of dog kennels, but some may feature special memory foam cushions or extra-durable latches. Category content pages allow companies to highlight further information about these unique features as a whole versus each product on their own.

Steps to Creating Effective Category Content

There are many ways companies can implement an effective ecommerce strategy for creating category content, including:

Organize Product Information

Websites that sell products usually already have a design that keeps products organized. This ensures information is concise so consumers can easily navigate your site. Creating category content can be easy if you already have organized product information, as you can simply write landing pages explaining each category. This adds another layer of context to your products, working to answer any questions customers may have.
Category content is denser in terms of the design elements on your page, meaning you have more space to apply some aesthetically pleasing language. In turn, this can make your company seem more trustworthy to readers, which persuades them to purchase from your site.

Increase SEO Value

Category content offers additional space to add SEO keywords and phrases. This can put your site higher on the search engine results page (SERP), which can help drive traffic and sales to your website. You want to ensure these keywords and phrases are inserted into your content naturally and organically. Avoid stuffing keywords as much as possible to keep your content readable and easy for readers to digest. This can work to make your content more unique, which is essential in putting you higher in the SERP.

Add More Context to Important Features

Customers browsing your site may already know what they’re looking for. But for most, this is not the case. When customers shop, they typically look for all information possible to ensure they’re purchasing the right product that most benefits them. Category content gives customers even more context and information about your products so they know exactly what they’re receiving from their purchase. You’ll want to use your category content to highlight and add details of important features of a group of products. This can help to keep customers informed or direct them to other products they may be looking for.

Promote Up-Selling

Category content pages can be a great opportunity to introduce customers to other products your company has to offer. Even if a customer sets out to find a specific product on your website, they may browse your category content pages and find other products that suit their lifestyle. You can promote additional products by implementing links throughout your category content. In turn, this can encourage customers to browse additional products on your website, allowing them to find and purchase other products they can use. This also makes searching for other products easy and convenient for readers.

Define Your Brand

Because category content adds an additional layer of information, this can give companies the chance to define their brand and give consumers a taste of their values. This allows companies to create personable relationships with customers. Category content pages should uphold the same tone and language as your other pages. You should make sure your category content has a balance between informative and creative. When crafting your content, you should keep your language clear and concise yet personable and informal. Customers C

Let Virtucom Group Assist You with Your Category Content

Some companies do not have the time and resources to ensure their content is up to par with reader expectations. This is where Virtucom Group can assist you with your category content and ecommerce strategy. Using extensive knowledge of the online marketing industry, we can create personable yet informational category content pages that can grab the customer’s attention and make them stay. To learn more about our ecommerce solutions, contact us today.

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