How to Become a Content Marketing Writer

January 13, 2023

by Andrew Stack

Following a career as a professional writer can expose you to diverse opportunities — you might teach writing at a school, become an editor for a popular magazine, or serve as a speechwriter for a politician. When thinking about your prospects as a writer, one path that may not cross your mind immediately is content marketing. However, it may be the ideal writing occupation for your needs.

More and more businesses realize how essential content creation is to their marketing efforts. According to Statista, the global content marketing industry was valued at approximately $66 billion in 2021, and researchers expect it to reach $137 billion by 2026. If you want to be a part of this flourishing industry, learn how to become a content marketing writer from Virtucom Group.

What Do Content Marketing Writers Do?

Content writers draft copy primarily intended for commercial use. They may work for a content marketing agency or a single business, and some writers will specialize in one or several industries. The copy these writers create can increase a company’s visibility online, ultimately enhancing customer engagement and conversions.

To draft copy, content marketing writers will research topics to see how others in the industry discuss them. They will verify the credibility of their sources before writing the piece. Content marketing is a strategic form of writing — it leverages keywords and other tactics to optimize content for search engine results pages (SERP). Content marketing writers may also incorporate information about the client’s location, calls to action (CTAs), and internal linking with the piece to maximize its impact.

As a content marketing writer, you may create a vast array of material. The following are just some of the types of writing you might be asked to complete:

Why Choose Content Marketing?

While growing investment in content services can translate to more job opportunities for writers, this is not the only benefit of pursuing a career in content marketing. Writers will find this industry offers several advantages, such as:


As with other writing roles, content marketing offers the flexibility many professionals need to pursue career goals. While freelancer writers arguably have the most freedom, many copywriting agencies have implemented hybrid or remote work policies, enabling employees to have added flexibility when creating a weekly schedule. Some writers only work part-time, making content marketing possible for those with other writing jobs or recent retirees who want additional income.


Writers can make a decent living — United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the median annual wage for writers and authors was $69,510 in 2021. This average accounts for writers and authors in general.

For content marketing writers, pay will differ depending on the industry. You may wish to factor in benefits, as well. For example, working for a copywriting agency can provide you with a stable income and access to health care and a retirement plan.


With content marketing writing, you must adhere to the client’s requests regarding how to structure copy. However, this is not to say the role offers no creative freedom. In many cases, you will have the chance to exercise your creativity when developing the flow and organization of the content. With various clients to work for, you are likely to encounter new challenges every day, as well.

What Do You Need to Become a Content Marketing Writer?

If content marketing writing sounds exciting, you may wonder what qualifications you need to seek this career path. The following details how to become a content marketing writer, highlighting key considerations:


Past writing experience is often the top feature content agencies look for in candidates, but having an educational background is also important. A bachelor’s degree in writing or a related field will show employers that you gained the necessary skills to write well, paying attention to grammar, syntax, and other conventions.


It can be challenging for individuals just starting their careers to have the expertise many open positions desire. If you lack experience with content marketing, you can investigate search engine optimization (SEO) and related topics to familiarize yourself with the industry. Once you have a firm understanding, try writing some content on your own. This practice can be essential should you apply for a job and the employer has you complete a test to gauge your skills.

Skills and Characteristics

Being a competent writer goes beyond creating copy in a coherent, compelling voice, as important as that skill is. Content marketing writers also need to display other proficiencies qualities to be successful in these roles, including:

  • Research skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to adapt to changing guidelines
  • Time management to complete pieces before deadlines
  • Receptiveness to criticism and willingness to modify writing according to clients’ wishes

Start Your Career as a Content Marketing Writer

For those just beginning their careers in content marketing, a copywriting agency can be the ideal option. You won’t need to search for clients like a freelancer might, which will allow you to focus on honing your skills and potentially seeking opportunities for career advancement.

At Virtucom Group, you can be part of a team of trained writers that work collaboratively to provide clients with strategic content that exceeds their expectations. In addition to content services, we create ecommerce content and provide data solutions. We know our team is the reason we succeed, and we look for candidates who display integrity, take initiative, and think innovatively to solve challenges. To learn more about how to become a content marketing writer with Virtucom Group, contact us today.



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