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The 2018 Google SERP Changes You Don’t Want To Miss: Part I

By Sean Messier on February 21, 2018
Google’s search engine results page (SERP) changes constantly, and it’s crucial to keep up with these updates, or your content will be left in the dust. Visit our blog to learn about six important changes you need to consider when creating content.

Tuesday Newsday: Snapchat Analytics, Instagram Screenshot Alerts and More

By Sean Messier on February 20, 2018
Delve into the latest news in the world of social media, digital marketing and content with Virtucom Group’s Tuesday Newsday. This week we cover updates from some of the most notable names in the game: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Google.

Understand Google Snippet Changes Before You Buy Another SEO Article

By Han-Kuo Yang on February 19, 2018
A recent update made by Google to their search snippets has made it easier for meta descriptions to provide searchers with more information. If you’re buying SEO articles, have your content writers made the necessary changes?

In The Long Run, Hiring A Copywriting Agency Is Less Costly Than Typos

By Erika Shaughnessy on February 16, 2018
Typos affect more than just readability. Keep your copy - and customer relationships - in pristine condition by hiring a copywriting agency that uses expert writers and content editors to carefully review each piece of content before it’s published on your site.

Product Names Can Spell Success (or Failure) For Your Retail Site

By Liz Landry on Feb 15, 2018 10:15:00 AM
They may just be short descriptors of your products, but product names are an important aspect of product data management that can't be overlooked. Read on to learn how you can optimize product names to give customers a positive shopping experience on your retail site.

4 Tricks For Clearly Communicating Complex Ideas On Your Insurance Blog

By Kelly Landers on February 15, 2018
In order to engage readers, insurance blog posts must break down complex ideas into bite-size pieces of information. This means cutting out jargon, simplifying the scope of each topic, making comparisons to everyday concepts and more.

Context Is The Real King When It Comes To Content Development In 2018

By Britt DeJohn on February 14, 2018
Content is king? Maybe that was true back in 1996, but in 2018, context is the real king. If you’re still fixated on keywords and believe that quantity outranks quality, read our latest blog post to see why contextual marketing needs to be part of your content development strategy.

Tuesday Newsday: Facebook Loses More Young People, Instagram Sharing And Bigger AMP Article Images

By Sheryl Davis on February 13, 2018
Virtucom Group’s Tuesday Newsday brings you the latest digital marketing, social media and content news. This week, Facebook is losing the youth market, Instagram is testing a re-sharing function and Google says it wants larger images for your AMP articles.

Your Competitors Buy Sponsored Content Articles, Do You?

By Kelly Landers on February 12, 2018
Sponsored content is a form of native advertising that appears in line with editorial content on entertainment and news sites. Unlike banner ads and other forms of traditional advertising, sponsored content attracts and engages a large number of viewers, which is why it might be right for your business to buy articles.

Raise Your Blogging Game With Professional Content Writing Services

By Chris Whitmore on February 9, 2018
Company blog not producing the desired results? If you've been posting consistently to no avail, you may need some outside help. Discover how outsourcing to content writing services can turn the tide in your favor.