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Meet the Team: Kelly Landers (Copywriter)

By Sheryl Davis on November 29, 2017
Music lover, TV addict, content specialist. Get to know Kelly Landers, one of our Virtucom Group copywriters, in today's Meet the Team profile.

For Great Content, Show Your Content Editor This Proofreading Checklist

By Britt DeJohn on November 29, 2017
Copy errors kill your company's credibility. Make sure your content editor is using this proofreading checklist to keep each published post error-free.

3 Answers To Your CMO's Most Common Content Outsourcing Objections

By Caleigh Gran on November 28, 2017
Trusting an outside agency with your content can be scary. In this post, we dispel the top three objections that companies have about content outsourcing.

Turn Visitors Into Customers: A Checklist For Great Product Pages

By Han-Kuo Yang on Nov 27, 2017 12:00:00 PM
Are you creating great product pages? Review our checklist to help determine whether or not you're giving customers the best experience possible.

Don't Hire A Freelance Blogger Until You Read This

By Kelly Landers on November 27, 2017
Freelance bloggers can offer flexibility and cost-effective content creation solutions, but is hiring a freelancer the right move for your business?

Stop Guessing About Content Marketing ROI: Know Your KPIs

By Abigail Moore on November 24, 2017
You've been creating content for some time now. Read on to find out how to use KPIs to evaluate your content marketing ROI and see which efforts are working.

Your Law Firm Needs A Legal Blog: A Blog Strategy For Lawyers

By Sean Messier on November 22, 2017
Looking to bring more clients to your law firm? Want to boost your brand recognition? Here, we explain why a legal blog strategy is essential for growth.

Say No To DIY Content Writing: 4 Signs You Need To Outsource Content Creation

By Abigail Moore on November 21, 2017
Infrequent posting, unchecked errors: these are just a few reasons to outsource content creation. Read on for 4 signs it's time to outsource your content.

The Future Of Search: 3 Ways To Optimize Content Writing For Voice Queries

By Britt DeJohn on November 20, 2017
From Alexa to Siri, more consumers are using voice search to find information they need. Read on for 3 ways to update your content writing for voice search.

Your Customers' Purchase Path: Social Media And The Buyer’s Journey

By Sean Messier on November 17, 2017
Social media can influence your customers' purchase path at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Learn how to harness this indispensable power.