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Blog Content Development: Corporate Vs. Small Business Blogs

By Kelly Landers on December 12, 2017
Small businesses vs. corporations. When it comes to content development for their blogs, the two couldn’t be more different.

Why Blogging Should Be Your Content Development Priority In 2018

By Sheryl Davis on December 11, 2017
Consumers are in control. Are you giving them what they demand on your business blog? Find out why blogging should be your content development priority in 2018.

3 Ways Expert Writers Gather Data For The Ultimate Customer Profiles

By Kelly Landers on December 8, 2017
Not backing your buyer personas up with real data? You’re likely missing the mark with your inbound marketing campaign. See how expert writers gather good data.

Don't Buy Articles, Buy Content Development Strategy

By Abigail Moore on December 7, 2017
When you just buy articles, you're missing out on the most important part of inbound marketing: content development strategy. Read on to learn more.

Using Managed Product Data For A Better Buyer's Journey

By Sean Messier on Dec 6, 2017 11:50:46 AM
The best way to provide your customers with a frictionless purchase path? Optimize the buyer's journey with managed product data. Read on to learn more.

Why The Best Content Writing Services Use Negative Buyer Personas

By Britt DeJohn on December 6, 2017
It turns out the customer isn’t always right. In this post, we explain why the best content writing services utilize negative buyer personas.

What To Know About B2B Buyer Personas Before You Buy Blog Content

By Kelly Landers on December 5, 2017
Before you buy blog content for your B2B or B2C business, it's critical to have well-defined consumer profiles so that you know exactly who your customers are.

Content Writers’ Complete 2018 Guide To Buyer Personas

By Sean Messier on December 4, 2017
Are you using buyer personas to inform your digital marketing content? Utilizing a customer profile is a must for business blogs. Learn the basics here.

Digital Marketer’s Guide To Unforgettable Content Marketing Campaigns

By Sheryl Davis on December 1, 2017
Not sure how to engage your readers? This blog series covers the basics of using storytelling to make your content marketing campaigns unforgettable.

Think Like An FBI Agent If You Want Great Customer Profiles

By Britt DeJohn on November 30, 2017
Are marketers more like FBI profilers than we think? In our latest blog, we cover how writing a customer profile is not too different from FBI profiling.