Accounting Blog? Why CPA Firms Need Content Writing Strategy

November 1, 2017

by Virtucom Group Team

As an accountant, you identify, record, measure, classify, verify, summarize, interpret and communicate financial transactions performed by businesses to oversight agencies and tax collection entities. However, the services you provide may seem complex or confusing to prospective clients. Fortunately, there’s an easy, effective way to break down complex accounting principles and procedures, boost your firm’s reputation and drive traffic to your site: blogging.

Here are several reasons why you should start an accounting blog:
  • Blogs provide the perfect platform to teach prospects all about you and your services.
  • An accounting blog makes it easy to address common problems and offer solutions that can help current and potential clients.
  • Besides positioning your accounting firm as a knowledgeable industry leader, an accounting blog can boost your site’s SEO, generating even more organic traffic.
  • Show off your firm’s personality and help people connect with your brand with easy-to-read blog posts that put complicated accounting terminology in layman’s terms.
  • Blogs can help you grow your social media presence, since you’ll have a steady influx of fresh content to share on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.
  • When executed properly, blogs serve as a central hub for other communications, letting you share special events, press releases, whitepapers, ebooks and other marketing materials with your target audience.
  • In addition, a blog will keep you focused on your content marketing strategy, since you must stick to a schedule and update the blog frequently.

If your accounting firm has a well-thought-out blog, you could become the go-to source for accounting facts, news and statistics.

Will my accounting firm benefit from creating a blog?

With a blog, you’ll have the perfect platform to teach your community all about you and your services. Due to complex accounting and tax principles, potential clients may look online to find answers to their most pressing questions. While learning basic accounting terms, they’ll also see your accounting firm as a thought leader and perhaps even want to do business with you. Those in the following accounting-related professions may benefit from starting an accounting blog:

  • Auditors
  • Bookkeepers
  • Budget analysts
  • Bursars
  • Certified public accountants (CPAs)
  • Chief financial officers (CFOs)
  • Comptrollers
  • Credit analysts
  • Financial analysts
  • Grants and contracts assistants
  • Internal auditors
  • Payroll managers
  • Private and public accountants
  • Revenue cycle administrators
  • Strategic planners
  • Tax accountants
  • Tax specialists

Whether you work in the public or private sector, blogging efforts can help drive more traffic to your website and complement your existing marketing strategy.

What should I blog about?

Blogging is a great way to inform current and prospective clients about your services and the accounting industry as a whole. When coming up with blog topics, you should focus on common problems your readers may have and offer solutions that can help their business or financial wellbeing. Consider writing a post in an FAQ format to let potential clients find answers to their most pressing questions before even setting up a meeting with your accounting firm. Or you can select blog topics that help your accounting firm stand out from the competition, assert your expertise and persuade readers to peruse more of your blog posts.

Whatever you choose to blog about, remember to keep your topic relevant to your areas of expertise and avoid writing a college dissertation at all costs. Sweet, simple and to-the-point blog posts generally resonate better with a broader audience.

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