Hear from Current Employees about Life at Virtucom Group

June 22, 2022

by Nicole Sorce

Take it from me – Virtucom Group is a great place to start a long-term career or even just gain a few years of highly valuable experience in ecommerce and search engine optimization (SEO). Whatever your goals for your writing career are, you’ll fit in. It’s awesome to write and edit custom content for Fortune 500 retailers (brands that everybody knows), as well as partner with other agencies to fulfill their content marketing needs. I started as an entry-level copywriter and have risen to the managerial level. Hard work definitely gets noticed, and the sky is truly the limit here.

Let’s hear from some of my colleagues about their experiences working for Virtucom Group, which is located in Syracuse, New York, and proudly provides ecommerce solutions to retailers and businesses across a host of industries.

(Please note: Names with asterisks (*) have been changed to respect employee wishes for privacy.)

Talented Wordsmith*, Editorial Assistant

“Virtucom Group is a great step for individuals looking to get started in a career in marketing and writing. Throughout my time, the editors and managers have taught me valuable skills in not only writing and editing, but also professionalism and adhering to client standards. The editors and managers at Virtucom Group make it easy to maintain relationships in the workplace through warm conversations, team building and effective communication. Even working remotely, the team works diligently to ensure employees remain updated and are able to make those essential relationships that can positively impact the workplace experience. Through emails, Skype chats and team video calls, Virtucom Group gives employees the tools they need to become successful in their craft.

Virtucom Group implements a flexible schedule, allowing employees to choose their start time and work from home. This has been incredibly beneficial for me and my lifestyle, giving me the chance to do what I love right from my own comfortable space. Future employees can expect to learn the ins-and-outs of a writer in the marketing field in a relaxed environment, with friendly staff who is there to guide you as you learn. I would recommend Virtucom Group to other writers.”

Andrew Stack, Copywriter

“When I started working at Virtucom Group, I had no experience with copywriting. I was thankful to secure the position, but a little intimidated about what it entailed. However, this anxiety disappeared when my trainer acted with compassion and patience, teaching me how to write SKUS and showing me the ropes on the network. I've since moved departments, but the high-quality training has remained consistent. It's clear that Virtucom Group cares about seeing their employees thrive and grow as writers and editors.

The job has given me vital insights into key copywriting concepts that would have otherwise gone over my head, such as SEO, keywords, and the difference between longform and retail writing. One of the most valuable skills it has taught me is to make my writing more concise and coherent. From daily practice, I have learned to make content look professional and informative without losing the human connection with the reader.

People who value variety and consistency will find a writing job at Virtucom Group very rewarding. You will have the opportunity to write for clients in numerous industries, including healthcare, finance, academia, retail, technology, and tourism. At the same time, you will develop a rhythm when writing, as the formatting is the same for many clients. The job is ideal for those who care deeply about strengthening their writing and learning how to make those skills marketable.”

Fast Typer*, Copywriter

“Working at Virtucom Group has taught me various practical skills, like time management and attention to detail, as well as a lot about grammar and best practices in our industry. You do have to work hard to manage your time to meet your daily quota, but it is not hard work once you get used to it, and it teaches you to prioritize your tasks and time. I enjoy working from home and the fact that I don’t have to commute to the office and spend gas and lunch money. Our work culture is mainly focused on your own production, but you work together with other team members to learn and gain new skills. I would recommend this job to people who don’t mind sitting at a desk and focusing on work that may be repetitive at times, but will teach you many useful skills.”

Scott S., Editor

“Virtucom Group offers valuable experience and allows you to work with friendly team members and well-known clients. In my years with the company, I have enjoyed career success that started at the entry-level and quickly moved to taking on bigger responsibilities, helping me flourish in the field. From writing brief and informative product content and detailed long-form blog posts to editing content to fit each client's unique needs, Virtucom Group has allowed me to come into my own as a professional while working alongside other talented and motivated individuals.”

Cody Manley, Copywriter

“I’ve been working at Virtucom Group for a little over three years now. With this being my first office job, I had much to learn – writing in a passive voice, reading comprehension of business-level information, and constructing product descriptions at the consumer level, just to name a few. I’ve worked with plenty of great editors who helped me understand and develop these skills quickly and efficiently. I’ve also worked with a variety of clients, learning the ins and outs of their needs and wants for different writing styles, rules, and more.

These past few years required a pivot in our working conditions. I’m happy to say Virtucom Group responded to these changes with ease. Working from home has been ideal. It’s helped me create a better work/life balance, and I’ve maintained a consistent work output because of it. Virtucom Group has clearly communicated our options for work when needed and provided a positive outlook on shifting demands.

I’ve been very happy with my time here at Virtucom Group. From the skills I’ve picked up to better my writing to the working conditions during these unprecedented circumstances. I would happily recommend Virtucom Group to anyone looking for an entry into a writing-level position or wants to get a feel for how remote work functions in 2022.”

Brian Wright, Copywriter

“My employment with Virtucom Group began as a temporary position. At first, I was reluctant but viewed it as an opportunity to evaluate the company and determine if the Copywriter position was a good fit for me. During this time, I worked with a group of insightful editors, who helped me develop my voice and pushed me to be a better writer. Ultimately, after six months, I obtained the necessary skills to succeed in the position and was hired full-time.

I would recommend Virtucom Group to other writers looking to progress their skills, who desire a team-oriented work culture, and who don’t mind stepping out of their comfort zone. With a journalism background and no real experience writing for retail, I needed to step out of my comfort when I applied for the Copywriter position. But through excellent training and guidance, I have been able to evolve and flourish with Virtucom Group.”

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