5 Reasons Retailers Choose Virtucom Group for Ecommerce Content

June 17, 2022

by Nicole Sorce

The internal ecommerce and marketing teams at major retailers certainly have a lot on their plate. And most of the time, tasks like improving their taxonomy, populating SKUs with useful information, and working on search engine optimization (SEO) projects often fall to the wayside. That’s usually when Fortune 500 retailers, who are struggling to compete in the crowded online marketplace, turn to Virtucom Group for custom content and ecommerce solutions. Here, we list five of the top reasons why big brands choose to partner with our team of content experts.

1. Impressive Experience in the World of Ecommerce

For over 20 years and counting, Virtucom Group has served as a trusted partner to Fortune 500 brands, providing remote, professional services that enhance the efforts of the client’s current team. We accomplish this by:

  • Customizing projects around ecommerce product data
  • Expanding and acquiring product attributes and digital assets
  • Developing and expanding taxonomies and data models
  • Performing data cleansing
  • Crafting original copy for B2B and B2c clients, retailers, brands, and agency partners
  • Prioritizing SEO across all written content

2. No Long-Term Contracts

Not only does Virtucom Group offer competitive pricing, but what really sets us apart is the fact that no long-term contract is required to begin your project. We’ll formulate a custom, project-based plan with the client, typically beginning work within weeks of signing the Statement of Work. Our pricing model is also customized based on the volume of work, timeline for completion, and depth of services needed.

3. Wide Range of Ecommerce Solutions

To accommodate as many retailers as possible, Virtucom Group is familiar with all major PIM, ERP, DAM, and MDM systems, and we provide numerous ecommerce solutions that truly make a difference. Our primary services include taxonomy and data model development and expansion, product data acquisition, data cleansing and quality assurance, and custom product content creation by SKU or category, as well as keyword refreshing. This allows us to solve many common pain points experienced by online retailers, including:

  • Reducing time to onboard new SKUs to decrease time to market
  • Increasing brand loyalty, search engine results page (SERP) rank, and conversion rates
  • Decreasing returns by providing accurate content, so shoppers can make the best decision prior to purchase
  • Helping AI programs work best with cleaner, more complete data feeding the system
  • Improving attachment rates and the SEO value of all content, helping to increase the site’s organic traffic
  • Lowering the cost of labor associated with employing additional human resources, which may not be needed all the time
  • Enhancing customer engagement and the consumer experience
  • Providing fully trained, scalable teams that change based on demand

4. Content Marketing Capabilities

Virtucom Group’s content marketing team is well-versed in creating unique, engaging, SEO-friendly copy, which is used across digital platforms to raise brand awareness and improve SERP rankings. No matter the industry your company works in, we can take the strain off of your internal marketing teams to produce content such as blogs, landing pages, sponsored articles, social media posts, email newsletters, whitepapers, e-books, and more.

5. Work Done by Humans

Virtucom Group’s services are not produced through software, hardware, or a platform. Instead, actual human copywriters, editors, product data acquisition specialists, and taxonomists collaborate with each client to customize appropriate ecommerce solutions for their goals. Taking a white-glove approach, Virtucom Group’s experts integrate with a retailer’s internal teams, leading to a fulfilling partnership that accomplishes SEO goals.

For more information or to set up a consultation, contact Virtucom Group in Syracuse, New York, today.

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