3 Immediate Benefits Of Editing And Proofreading Your Content Writing

October 6, 2015

by Virtucom Group Team

As an Assistant Editor at Virtucom Group, it’s my job to ensure product records are free of grammatical and factual errors, that they adhere to the brand style of a particular client, and that they will ultimately make sense to the customers reading the information online.

The goal of these tasks is to ensure customers are able to make informed decisions, and that they are satisfied that the purchases they make meet their expectations.

It can be tempting to forego editing and proofreading stages. You might think, I don’t have the time or I don’t have enough staff. However, editing and proofreading provide several benefits that can help your content writing outshine your competitors’ online offerings.

What are some reasons to keep editorial and proofreading stages as part of your content development strategy? Editors and proofreaders:

1. Catch typographical and grammatical errors – to help you look good

Misspellings and poor grammar are like wearing sneakers to a Wall Street job interview. If you develop a reputation for not measuring up to basic standards, potential customers will likely find it hard to trust the information about the products you’re selling.

Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling are essential for creating great content. As humans, we all make mistakes, which is why a second and third set of eyes on each record is so important for eliminating errors that can make your content writing look untrustworthy. It’s the editor’s and proofreader’s job to make sure every last detail makes you and your products look good.

2. Ensure brand consistency – to build trust and confidence in your products

Imagine you’re reading a novel. You’re emotionally engaged with the characters and story line. Suddenly, the protagonist does something out of character. The action just doesn’t fit. The inconsistency jerks you out of your mental and emotional connection with the story. You may even start to question the validity of the story.

This same thing can happen when a customer views erratic, inconsistent content. Your brand persona is your story. If the tone and style of your offerings is consistent, your customers gain a sense of trust and confidence in your brand. Inconsistency breeds confusion and breaks the connection your customers have with your brand. A good editor keeps an eye out for words and phrases that just don’t fit – helping to ensure customers stay engaged with and confident in your products or services.

3. Double check for accuracy – to decrease product return rates

The accuracy of product information is paramount. Getting the facts wrong leads to angry customers and higher product return rates. Accuracy is hands down the most important reason to have an editor double checking the facts. Verified, correct information, much like consistency, builds long-term trust and confidence, which translates in to higher conversion rates and lower product return rates.

If you’re trying to build customer loyalty and move your brand to the next level, consider the value that editing and proofreading can bring to your product listings.

Do you have experience with how editing and proofreading have helped your brand? Tell us about it in the comments section below. To stay connected with Virtucom Group, you can visit us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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