Why Use Virtucom Group's Digital Content Services and Ecommerce Solutions?

October 24, 2022

by Nicole Sorce

We could go on and on about why our services have been trusted by Fortune 500 retailers and marketing agencies for decades – but we’re not here to brag. Instead, we want business owners to understand just how Virtucom Group’s digital content and ecommerce solutions can benefit them in the long run – especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

Single Point of Contact for Multiple Ecommerce Needs

Whether you want us to follow your lead or set your direction and strategy, Virtucom Group offers a host of vital content services and ecommerce solutions. These include:

            Taxonomy/Data Modeling Services

After having completed over 9,000 product categories for retail clients, we know what it takes to develop a new, effective taxonomy. Our services include mapping to existing categories, with delivery mapping to the client’s existing system. We also offer current taxonomy refresh/expansion services, as well as left-hand navigation and faceted search assistance.

            Product Data Management/Acquisition

          Formatted to client specifications, these services include:

    • Expansion of attribute model
    • Item setup/onboarding
    • Normalization, including data auditing/cleansing, migration, and cross-sell/up-sell assignments

We’ll provide a custom quote based on need, with no minimum required. Acquiring images is part of our per-SKU cost, and we’ll process images for an additional fee.

           Ecommerce Content for Retailers

Take a load off your internal resources and allow Virtucom Group to handle many retail content tasks, including:

    • Product records
    • Buying guides
    • Amazon/Marketplace pages
    • Category content/pages
    • Stand-alone image acquisition and processing

Content Marketing Services

Through the vital strategy of content marketing, you have the opportunity to improve your search engine results page (SERP) ranking, thus bringing more organic traffic to your site. Our content marketing services include the following and more:

    • Blog posts
    • Landing pages
    • Location pages
    • Press releases
    • Sponsored articles
    • Social media posts
    • Email newsletter copy
    • eBooks
    • Comments/reviews

A Boost for SEO

A lot of hard work goes into realizing an effective SEO strategy, and at Virtucom Group, we understand that your internal resources may be too strained to focus on this crucial aspect of content marketing and ecommerce. By partnering with us and utilizing our content, you can keep up with what your competitors are doing and have a better chance to outrank them on the SERP. What’s more, publishing authoritative, relevant content not only informs online shoppers of your products and services, but this tactic also positions you as a perceived expert in your industry.

Small-Town Partner with Competitive Pricing

No, we’re not your typical, gigantic marketing agency in one of America’s largest cities – and we’re quite proud of that. Our U.S.-owned company is located in Upstate New York, where the cost of doing business is significantly lower. Plus, every solution or piece of content ordered at Virtucom Group goes back into our local Syracuse, NY, community, creating employment opportunities for talented writers, editors, data specialists, and taxonomists.

What does this mean for our clients? It’s simple – with a completely on-shore, in-house team and fewer overhead expenses than big-city firms, we’re able to offer notable value at fair prices. What’s more, you don’t have to pay more to experience success through our partnership. Over the years, our clients have reported increased revenue resulting from better content and product data, and they find that this revenue increase ultimately pays for our services over time. In addition, clients feel relieved that they don’t have to take on the enormous expenses associated with hiring new employees, who might not be needed after projects are complete.

Superior Customer Service that Makes Your Life Easier

Our team does whatever it takes to ensure our digital content services and ecommerce solutions work for you. Think of Virtucom Group as an extension of your internal team – you’ll have dedicated resources on hand to enrich your current operations, and we’re here to make your process more organized and efficient than ever before. When it comes to your workflow, we offer scale-on-demand products and meet predetermined deadlines to assist in decreasing your time to market (and seeing results sooner).

Experience You Can Trust

With a proven track record spanning more than 20 years, Virtucom Group is a leading digital content and ecommerce solutions provider, with a finger on the pulse of the latest developments in SEO. We have developed best practices that center on inbound marketing, and all services are performed by humans – not robots. We promise to deliver consistent, high-quality, correct material, thanks to our vigorous quality assurance practices in place. All full-time copywriters and editors have a minimum of a four-year bachelor’s degree, with many holding master’s degrees.

Schedule a Consultation with Virtucom Group

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 retailer or local marketing agency, Virtucom Group is standing by to determine whether a partnership might be the right fit. For more information about our digital content services or ecommerce solutions, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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