5 Ways to Drive Sales with Content Marketing

September 26, 2022

by Hannah Hall

Content marketing is a great way to increase organic traffic to your website. In turn, this can improve your content marketing return on investment (ROI). But not just any content will do – the right strategy can drive consumers and sales straight to your company, increasing your ROI. Here, Virtucom Group discusses five ways you can improve your content marketing ROI.

1. Create Unique Content

Creating unique content writing is essential in making sure your company shows up higher on the search engine results page (SERP). When a consumer types in certain keywords and phrases, the SERP ranks pages by how relevant their website’s content is to their search. By implementing unique content and keywords, you allow your company to stand out over others and puts you ahead of competitors. If your content is not unique or duplicated, then you won’t achieve the right results. Creating unique content puts you higher in the SERP, which can increase sales and website traffic.

2. Ensure Content Is Evergreen

When crafting content, you want to ensure your company is a reliable source for customers to refer back to when needed most. This means you should make sure your content is evergreen. In other words, you should be mindful that your content can last through many years by adding information that will always be relevant. Catering to trends or things that will eventually go out of date won’t allow you to recycle the information for very long. It will only give you short-term results, making it harder to improve your content marketing ROI.

Having content that remains relevant throughout many years makes your information and company reputable, allowing customers to refer back to it when they need it. If customers can repeatedly refer back to your company and website, then this can drive traffic and sales to your company.

3. Keep Web Pages Consistent

Consistency is a large part of an effective content marketing strategy. Not only does it allow customers to see your brand as reliable, but it can also improve customer loyalty. In turn, this can increase sales because customers feel comfortable continually purchasing from your site. One way to ensure all content is consistent across all platforms is by creating company content guidelines or a style guide. This should include aspects like language preferences, values, and key notes that you want each webpage to touch on.

4. Implement an Efficient Content Strategy

Before creating content, it’s important to first discuss your content strategy. Without an ecommerce content strategy, your content is left susceptible to unorganized and inconsistent information. When crafting your content strategy, you should consider what your company’s values and beliefs are and how they align with those of your customer base. You should also decide which platforms to utilize in your content strategy. Will you be updating web pages? Creating blog posts? Using social media? It’s important to decide which ones you’ll be using so you can create the most effective strategy across all platforms.

5. Update and Review Existing Content

Similar to the point of keeping your content evergreen, it’s important to ensure you review the existing content on our webpage. This even includes older content after it’s been published. Reviewing and updating existing content is important because the information stated may not be relevant or true in today’s world. Even content that was posted as soon as one year ago can undergo significant changes in relevancy and accuracy. That’s why companies should always look at their existing content and repost with updated, relevant information. This also gives companies the chance to recycle old content, making it feel fresh and new.

Improve Your Content Marketing ROI with Virtucom Group

For companies looking to improve their content marketing ROI, rely on Virtucom Group to assist you. With the knowledge and expertise to advise you on how to create and implement the best content marketing strategy for your company and goals, our team of writers and editors is ready to help. To learn more about ways to improve your content marketing ROI, contact us at Virtucom Group today.

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