How Virtucom Group Has Branched Out to Provide Ecommerce Solutions & Content Marketing in Canada

April 6, 2023

by Nicole Sorce

American companies don’t get hired in Canada for just any reason. They must fill a need that Canadian companies either cannot offer or do not provide at reasonable prices and turnaround times. And that’s exactly how we began working for clients up north. Based in Syracuse, New York, just a few hours from the Canadian border, Virtucom Group provides a host of ecommerce solutions and content services for retailers, marketing agencies, and other businesses. Here, learn more about our abilities to serve clients internationally.

A Look at Our Roots

Virtucom Group was founded in 2001 in Syracuse, NY, immediately serving Fortune 500 retailers around the United States. This was before the time of search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and social media, but we perfected the science of taxonomy, data management, product content, and other vital retail content services. As the years went on, new marketing tactics emerged, allowing us to put our skills to the test in the content marketing realm.

Today, Virtucom Group is still a powerhouse when it comes to retail copy and content marketing products. Our large, expert team of in-house copywriters, editors, data specialists, and taxonomists utilize a rigorous quality assurance process, as well as in-depth style guides for each client, ensuring our content meets and exceeds client expectations. And thanks to our experience crafting content across all industries, we are proud of our ability to create engaging, unique copy for virtually any business that comes to our doors.

Same Great Services, No Matter the Country

Our reputation and proven track record can be largely credited for helping us branch out into Canada. Of course, that’s only part of the equation. Ecommerce entities and content marketing agencies alike have unique needs when it comes to product content, web pages, blog posts, social media copy, and more. Offering the right combination of turnaround time, price point, and quality, Virtucom Group is a highly dependable option and prevents clients from having to hire additional internal resources or rely on freelancers. What’s more, each client is directly supported by a Virtucom Group account manager, who coordinates all content needs and oversees everything produced by our on-shore team.

Whether your business is located in the United States, Canada, or elsewhere, Virtucom Group is here to make your content engaging, unique, and in accordance with the latest SEO best practices. If you’re struggling to meet the following content needs, consider a partnership with our team:

Marketing Content

There’s a host of content providers online that offer low prices, but many of these options are staffed by freelancers, who are based overseas and have no clear process in place. This might result in financial savings, but it also passes issues onto your consumers. By partnering with Virtucom Group, you won’t need to worry about publishing misleading, inaccurate information or boring copy. We offer the following content marketing services:

    • Blog posts
    • Web pages
    • Sponsored articles
    • Social media posts
    • Email newsletter copy
    • Ebooks
    • Custom requests

Ecommerce Content

So many issues arise from publishing incomplete, incorrect product content, from high return rates to poor customer loyalty. By utilizing the following services from Virtucom Group, your retail business can ensure that each product assortment is portrayed accurately, allowing shoppers to find the exact products they’re looking for:

    • Unduplicated product and category content
    • Buying guides
    • Amazon marketplace pages
    • Editorial and proofreading services

Data Solutions

Virtucom Group has the creation of ecommerce data solutions down to a science. Working within our clients’ unique requirements and systems, our team of experts can provide the following:

    • Attribute modeling
    • Hierarchy design
    • Faceted navigation
    • Customized data feeds
    • Data cleansing
    • Migration services

Learn More about Ecommerce Solutions and Content Marketing in Canada

Virtucom Group looks forward to the opportunity to partner with more Canadian retailers and businesses, which need SEO-friendly content for multiple purposes. To learn more about ecommerce solutions and content marketing in Canada, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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