How To Blog Strategically To Sell Your Staffing Agency Services

March 1, 2018

by Virtucom Group Team

In today’s highly competitive staffing and recruiting field, how can your agency stand out from the crowd? A robust blog, packed with the content that your two distinct audiences are looking for, can be a way to gain an advantage over other staffing firms.

One of the best ways to attract top-tier talent and gain the trust of business owners and hiring managers is to directly and indirectly convey the benefits of working with a staffing agency through informative, thought-provoking content on your staffing blog.

In today’s post, we’re offering up blog strategy tips that will help your recruiting agency bring in the best candidates and close the deal with businesses that may be on the fence about working with you.

Use Your Recruiting Blog to Attract High-Quality Jobseekers

As you know, jobseekers come to staffing agencies from a myriad of backgrounds, with a wide range of skills, seeking different paths to employment, including temporary, temp-to-hire, contract and contract-to-hire. Some may be just starting their careers. Others may be looking for a job in a field they’ve been in for many years, and some might be trying to switch industries entirely. The good news is that this means there’s a wealth of topics to blog about that will appeal to jobseekers.

Start by tackling common myths jobseekers believe about themselves with blog posts aimed at inspiring them to put aside their doubts and reach out to your recruiting firm. Here are a few sample titles to illustrate:

  • It’s Never Too Late to Start a Career in Accounting
  • No Experience? Here’s How to Get Started
  • Yes, Women CAN Have Careers in Manufacturing

Woman looking down and worried about her job prospects

Address the skills needed for jobs in particular fields. This will help candidates who may be unsure about switching careers, as well as young, future recruits who are making decisions about their career path. As a bonus, this will also let prospective business customers know that you understand what their industry requires.

  • Are You Ready for a Career in Engineering?
  • Is Accounting Your Dream Job? Take This Test To Find Out
  • Every Great Nurse Has These 10 Skills

Use blog posts that dispel myths about specific industries. If you specialize in recruiting for a niche market that is especially difficult to recruit talent for, such as manufacturing, blog posts that espouse the benefits of working in the field may help you convince candidates who are on the fence about switching careers to use your firm to help them make the switch.

  • Fact: The Average Manufacturing Job Pays $82,082/year
  • 10 Engineering Jobs That Let You Travel
  • Male Nurses Are More Common Than You Think

Welder working with aluminum

Don’t forget to provide blog content that gives answers to jobseekers’ most frequently asked questions. Provide interview tips and address common problems for jobseekers, such as:

  • How to Handle Gaps in Employment
  • How to Market Yourself to Employers
  • What Happens When I Work With a Staffing Agency?

Make sure you’re including blog posts that mention your region and any major cities or towns that you provide services in. Because staffing is typically a regionally based operation, it’s important to have the locations you recruit in represented throughout your blog. This will help potential employees and employers find you through search engines because people usually search for terms like “jobs in {insert local area},” and multiple blog posts with these keywords will help you rise to the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

  • Fastest Growing Careers in the Detroit Metro Area
  • Making a Career Switch in Syracuse, NY
  • Hottest Jobs in San Francisco

Gain the Trust of Business Decision Makers with Your Staffing Blog

A business owner browsing your website will have his or her own specific pain points and will need to be convinced that your staffing agency is the answer to those problems. High-quality blog content that addresses those pain points builds trust and presents your staffing firm as an authority on the issues that matter most to the businesses you’re hoping to sell your services to.

Consider writing blog posts that will help prospective clients solve common problems. For example, good topics might include:

  • How to Calculate Your Cost Per Hire
  • How to Maximize the Productivity of Temporary Employees
  • How to Retain Employees

Woman’s hand using a calculator to figure out the cost of hiring employees

Don’t be afraid to tackle the myths about working with a staffing agency head-on. If you’re hearing the same types of objections over and over again, such as an employment agency will just add to the cost of hiring, or recruitment agencies are only good for entry-level jobs, I need skilled technicians, write blog posts like:

  • How a Staffing Agency Can Reduce the Cost of Hiring
  • 10 Ways XYZ Recruiting learns about your staffing needs
  • Need Skilled Technicians? Find Them With XYZ Recruiting

Share your knowledge of industry trends. As someone recruiting and matching people with businesses all day, you’ve naturally got your eye on the latest labor statistics and marketplace trends. Show prospective clients that you have what it takes by providing some of that information up front. Think about occasionally including long-form blog posts that cover a topic in-depth, such as:

  • How Technology is Reshaping the Labor Market
  • 2018 Job Market Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore
  • New Employee Compensation Rules

Staffing agency recruiter looking at a computer screen that shows labor market trends

Develop Enough Blog Content to Fuel More Website Traffic And Leads

Did you know that businesses that publish 16 or more blog posts per month average nearly 3.5x more traffic than their peers publishing 0-4 times per month? In an industry as competitive as staffing, it’s even more important to be blogging frequently and consistently in order to stay ahead. Luckily, there are plenty of topics you can discuss.

If you don’ t have the time to blog regularly, or your recruiting firm lacks the expert writers on staff who can create high-quality, keyword-driven content for your blog, consider one of our convenient blogging packages. Our trained writers and account managers have experience developing content strategy for staffing agencies and will work with you to create blog content that’ll give your website and business a competitive edge.

Is Your Blog Falling Behind?

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