Content Marketing vs. Email Marketing: They’re Not the Same

October 19, 2022

by Hannah Hall

When it comes to digital marketing, there are many aspects involved that make the process more efficient for companies. But one common misconception is that email marketing and content marketing achieve the same goals. While using both strategies together can be an effective advertising tool, content marketing and email marketing are not the same. Here, Virtucom Group highlights the difference between content marketing vs. email marketing.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to existing customers or consumers who provide their email addresses. If you’ve ever purchased anything online or in-store, chances are you were asked to provide your email. This gives companies direct contact with their customers, in which they can send useful information to promote their business. Email marketing is a great way to tell existing customers about current sales. In addition, it can be an ideal tool for offering coupons to customers. This makes them more inclined to continue shopping at your business.

This style of marketing is also beneficial for spreading the word about pre-order availability if a product is highly sought-after. This is especially effective for those in the video game industry or make-up industry. In addition, email marketing is a way for companies to send out birthday reminders and coupons for specific customers. Not only does this attract existing customers to purchase your products or services, but it also shows you care about them in a personable way.

When crafting email ecommerce content, ensure to send out informational and useful emails to your current customers. Sending spam or unsolicited messages can not only result in fines, but it can also deter existing consumers.

What Is Content Marketing?

Also referred to as inbound marketing, content marketing involves the process of attracting new customers to your website and business. The key to effective content marketing is offering valuable products, services, and information for customers to browse. While short-term, click-bait-type content can initially draw readers in, it’s important to supply useful information and insight to get them to stay.

There are many different outlets companies can choose to include in their content marketing strategies, such as blog posts, social media, videos, and more. Combining these outlets in your advertising strategy can allow important information to become accessible and shareable. For example, blog posts and videos can be posted on both your website and social media. Social media is an efficient tool in having all information about your company in one convenient location, making it easier for customers to discover and browse.

In addition, search engine optimization (SEO) is an important element to add to your content writing strategy. This concept works by implementing popular keywords and phrases into your content. These keywords and phrases are typically what customers most commonly search for when looking for something similar to your product or service. Adding SEO terms can allow your site to reach higher on the search engine results page (SERP). In turn, your website is easily discoverable when customers search for solutions, and new customers are more likely to click on your page for insight.

How Do They Differ?

There are many ways in which email marketing vs. content marketing can differ from each other. For starters, email marketing is designed to convince existing customers to return and continue shopping through your company. But content marketing, on your website or social media platforms, works to attract new customers to your business.

Using both email and content marketing together can be an incredibly efficient strategy for increasing sales and driving traffic to your site. This is because while one works to retain customer loyalty, the other works to draw new customers in. The content you produce in your advertising strategy can also be shared amongst both your site and email marketing. For example, if a company posts a blog or video, it can also be shared via email marketing for existing customers. This can attract both new and current consumers to your site for efficient results.

Finding the Right Content and Email Marketing Strategies

With the help of the team at Virtucom Group, companies can continue to provide a positive customer experience while remaining focused on the other important aspects of running a business. Not all companies have the time and resources to invest in the right content marketing strategy. Luckily, Virtucom Group can take care of it for you, utilizing the most up-to-date, efficient marketing practices and techniques. To learn more about content marketing vs. email marketing, contact us today.

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