Strengthening Your Ecommerce Strategy with Layered Product Data

June 28, 2022

by Hannah Hall

An integral part of any retailer’s ecommerce strategy, product content includes important information about each product to entice and inform consumers. This information is organized into three sections: descriptions, features, and attributes. Alongside providing essential product information, it can be beneficial to present your content in an inviting and intriguing way. Not only can this make your content more exciting to engage with, but it can also attract customers to your website by elevating your search engine results page (SERP) ranking.

Virtucom Group’s system consists of starting with the product details, talking about significant features, and finding ways to make your content enticing. Here, we describe how our team can help Fortune 500 retailers strengthen their online presence with the right product data.

Get Down to the Details

When it comes to online shopping, customers have many options to choose from. That’s why you should add abundant details about the product, ensuring consumers have all the necessary information to make an informed purchasing decision. Even the smallest details should be included in your content, such as size or warranty. This is because each detail works to answer a potential question that may arise when online shoppers search for the products they need. Having this information readily available can allow consumers to trust your brand and rely on you for their shopping needs.

In addition, adding many product details can keep products organized within your site, helping customers find what they are looking for even faster. For example, searching for “dog toys” on any website can present many different types of toys. But by providing specific details, customers can narrow their search to find exactly what they need.

However, it’s important to not add too much information to your product features and descriptions. This can visually overwhelm customers and potentially deter people from your website. Many small, miniscule details can fall into the product attributes section. This is where consumers can find many of the more technical, numerical details of each product. This can include information like battery type or power type.

Highlight Significant Features

Listing out each feature of a product is an ideal way to show off the product’s benefits without overwhelming customers. Product features typically break up information visually by highlighting key features in a list format. Not only does this make the information easier to read, but it also invites consumers to learn about the product by visually separating essential features.

Your product features should hold the most important information about the product in a way that’s condensed but also comprehensive. This is because product features are designed to quickly highlight the most important aspects of a product, so it’s important to ensure they remain short and to the point. Doing so can allow you to add plentiful information without deterring customers.

The product features are also an ideal spot to highlight essential information that cannot fall into other areas, like your product description or attributes. This can include information like warranties, sizes, or functions.

Capture the Reader’s Attention

While adding small details and key features can inform consumers about the product, they will not be as effective without persuasive language. Persuasive language is the use of words and phrases that entice readers to purchase the product. It implements fluffier, more elevated storytelling to persuade readers to want to learn more. This allows customers to visualize how they can use the product in their own lives and the benefits it can provide. It can also play a role in grabbing the reader’s attention, enticing them to read more about the product. Persuasive language is best implemented in the product description. This area should be more content-heavy than your product features and attributes.

In addition, the product description is typically the first aspect a reader sees when browsing a website for products. This makes it increasingly more important to ensure the language is clear, concise, and intriguing. You’ll want to use the product description to highlight the product’s most significant and enticing features. The product description can also be a great opportunity to showcase your company’s brand and values. However, it’s important to be mindful of your company’s standards and data model when crafting product content.

Get Assistance with Your Ecommerce Strategy

Virtucom Group aims to provide comprehensive, quality ecommerce solutions to companies across the U.S. With years of experience in enhancing website content, we can provide expertise and knowledge in many aspects of ecommerce. With a product data management program, rely on our expert team to boost your product descriptions, attributes, and features. To learn more, contact Virtucom Group today.

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