Should Agencies Hire a Content Marketing Partner or Freelancer?

April 11, 2023

by Claire Hayden

Running a marketing agency means you know the importance of attracting customers in interesting and unique ways. However, you might be too busy to create compelling content or are unsure about who to hire to help you out. If your agency is dealing with limited internal resources or poor performance on search engines, you might be wondering whether a content marketing partner or a freelance writer is best. Learn why partnering with a content creation firm like Virtucom Group could be the more advantageous option.

A Look at a Content Marketing Partnership

A content marketing partner typically requires a contract, but this type of commitment tends to be well worth it. Your content marketing partner will assign you a team of specialized creators, who collaborate closely with your agency to generate the content you desire. Rather than a single freelancer writing a piece, Virtucom Group’s team of experienced researchers, copywriters, and editors will work toward your content goals. Content partners like us will also typically have more accountability and experience than freelancers, as they have a company of people behind them who can help along the way. This ensures that your content will always be delivered on time and revisions will be executed quickly and efficiently.

Content marketing agencies also usually offer a wider range of methods, skills, and topics than a freelancer, since there are more people to do different jobs. For instance, an experienced researcher and copywriter will create the piece, and then an even more experienced editor and manager will vet for quality assurance. In short, a content marketing partner can provide added value that you can’t get from a freelancer, whether it’s search engine optimization (SEO), site architecture, or multichannel content.

What to Watch Out for with Freelancers

Freelance writers, on the other hand, don’t usually require a contract, but they have limited capabilities compared to a full-service, white label content marketing partner. While there are definitely some talented freelancers out there, your agency will always have to plan around their availability, whereas you can rely on the regular business hours of a trusted partner. Freelancers might also lack the same experience or consistency that a content marketing partner can offer you, and often working alone, freelancers often don’t have editors or proofreaders available to ensure the highest quality of work.

Freelance writers might be suitable for some projects, but if you’re looking for a consistent, accurate, and strategic option, a content marketing partner will be your best bet many times, especially if you have a need for speed, accuracy, or improved SEO.

Virtucom Group Content Marketing Solutions

Virtucom Group is proud to have a dedicated and experienced team of employees who provide digital content solutions to both small businesses and agencies. At Virtucom Group, all of our work is written and edited by full-time, in-house employees because we believe in their experience and consistency. Our employees are college-educated and rigorously trained to meet strict standards and best content creation practices. We don’t use freelance writers because although they can be convenient, you won’t have the same level of trust and confidence in them as you can with your own solid team. 

Our team completes in-depth research of your industry and customer base before writing each piece, in order to provide value-rich content that your customers expect. If your agency is experiencing declining sales, low search engine results, poor performance, or other challenges Virtucom Group’s content services can help. Some of our content services include:

For more information on Virtucom Group’s digital content solutions, visit our FAQ section.

Hire Us as Your Content Marketing Partner Today

Harness the power of creative, compelling content that keeps your business booming and your customers satisfied. A content marketing partner like Virtucom Group may be just the answer you need. With more than 15 years of experience as a content development agency, we are committed to providing the best content possible for our clients. In addition to serving Fortune 500 retailers, Virtucom Group already serves some of the largest marketing agencies in the country, providing the content they need in a timely manner – and at fair prices. Contact us today to learn more about our content services.

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