How Virtucom Group Supports the Content Needs of Marketing Agencies in North America

February 8, 2023

by Andrew Stack

According to HubSpot, finding talent is one of the most significant challenges for modern marketing agencies and teams. In addition to looking for qualified candidates, these marketing teams balance the various aspects of advertising campaigns while ensuring they align with the company's or their clients' overall objectives. If this describes your situation, it might be time to find a content partner.

Virtucom Group has over 20 years of experience creating strategic and value-rich content for leading retailers. Our writers, editors, data specialists, and taxonomists work collaboratively to support content creation for marketing agencies that serve retailers and content end-users. Learn more about how we assist with content marketing for local businesses and more at Virtucom Group.

Content Services for Various Types of Businesses

We recognize that businesses across industries operate differently and work to cater our services to each client’s needs. If you serve mostly retailers and ecommerce companies, we help you craft ecommerce content that fits your brand and resonates with your audience. Specific ecommerce solutions include:

Additionally, Virtucom Group guides ecommerce content with item onboarding through our innovative service, in which we handle the entire product data management workflow to deliver normalized and live product content. This managed service benefits retailers and suppliers, facilitating efficiency and potentially increasing profits.

Virtucom Group also has a digital asset team to supplement written ecommerce content with high-resolution images and eye-catching videos. We give great attention to detail with photos, considering the specific kinds of pictures your site needs and the number required for each product.

We even offer services for clients that need longform content. These agencies often work with businesses that provide services and wish to stand out as leaders within their industry. Content writing for agencies includes:

In-House, On-Shore Teams Dedicated to Meeting Your Needs

Our talented teams provide the human element vital to your success. We understand that quality content is crucial to making a great first impression, and work diligently to ensure your marketing materials accurately reflect your distinct brand voice and engage your ideal customers.

Our teams also use an array of data solutions to enhance content, reviewing each item individually to verify completeness and precision. What’s more, our teams are scalable, providing the flexibility needed to support different volumes of work.

Emphasis on Quality Assurance

A rigorous quality assurance process is a large part of why many marketing agencies partner with Virtucom Group. Our editorial and proofreading teams work to keep your material free from errors, whether creating product content, landing pages, social media posts, or anything in between. Caring about accurate spelling and proper grammar is not nitpicky — it showcases the quality of your site and can boost conversions. When content is consistent and flows logically, it can build your reputation with consumers. The following are some issues you can avoid with content editing:

  • Unfavorable first impression from prospects researching your brand
  • Potentially lower rankings on results pages if Google and other search engines deem the content as low quality
  • Possible litigation if a typo conveys an idea that does not comply with industry standards

Outside our thorough editing and proofreading processes, we also perform final quality assurance checks to give clients added peace of mind that the content they receive is ready to go live on their site.

Partner with Virtucom Group Today

Content marketing is essential for every business, no matter its industry or size. Virtucom Group can serve so many marketing agencies because we understand the importance of your unique brand voice and the buyer’s journey. We believe that accurate, consistent, complete, and engaging content is the key to resonating with audiences and increasing conversions.

Located in Syracuse, New York, Virtucom Group delivers content marketing for local businesses and marketing agencies in the United States and Canada and would love to be part of your success story. Contact us today to learn more about our content services.

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