How to Draw Millions of Millennials to Your Product Pages

October 3, 2022

by Hannah Hall

In recent years, millennials have taken over the shopping industry, meaning they are greatly impacting purchasing trends. While social media is the most popular place that millennials discover new products, they also still enjoy traditional in-store shopping or scouring the internet for deals.

Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular social media platforms for millennials, meaning companies must cater to these apps to reach this marketing potential. There are many other ways companies can make the shopping experience easier and more convenient for millennials, though. Here, Virtucom Group discusses three ways you can adjust your ecommerce strategy to set your company apart from competitors when it comes to the millennial market.

Easy Website Navigation

When millennials shop online, they usually already have an idea of what they are looking for. This means when they navigate certain websites, they want to be able to find what they need easily. In addition, social media and influencers play a large role in the way millennials discover new products. Making it easy to search for these products means they can quickly and easily make a purchase.

However, some websites underutilize this important aspect of website design. This can set companies back, as millennials are less likely to take the time to browse the website to find what they are looking for. Having an updated, well-working search bar is essential in making website navigation easy and convenient. Because many millennials grew up with the internet, their knowledge of how to use it is extensive. This means they want and expect fast and accurate results, especially in today’s world.

If companies fail to provide an easy means for website navigation, this can deter millennial customers and send them to competitors. It can be beneficial to ensure your company’s website is easy to navigate with an updated product list. Categorize each product in a way that’s easy to follow and browse. This can work to build trust and loyalty in millennial customers.

Focus on the Experience

Millennials, unlike Baby Boomers, are looking for experiences rather than material possessions. While Baby Boomers loved buying things for the sake of “retail therapy,” millennials are not like that. This can be because millennials were introduced to social media at an older age. Social media is a place where millennials can see all the fun and exciting things their friends and favorite influencers are up to – and this includes the fun experiences and places they get to visit. Therefore, it can be beneficial for companies to market their products as an experience rather than material objects.

Instead of focusing on the fancy features your product has, create content about the convenience that your product can bring to one’s life and how it can make the customer’s life easier. Try painting a picture of how the customer will feel while using the product, what they can do with the product long-term, and how it can assist in creating an ideal experience for the consumer. This can be a great way to cater to the millennial’s sense of adventure rather than owning material possessions. You can do this by crafting product descriptions that tell a story.

Mobile-Friendly Shopping

Cell phones have taken over, and many people use them as a way to research and purchase items. Phone apps make it easy for people to shop in one place using a completely mobile-friendly format. While millennials still enjoy traditional shopping experiences in a store, they may still rely on their smartphone while browsing around. For example, millennials may use their phones to look up more information about a product. Or, they rely on their device to compare prices with other websites and companies to ensure they’re making the best and most informed purchasing decision.

By providing millennial shoppers with mobile-friendly versions of your website through apps or website design, you can provide an enhanced shopping experience that consumers may not receive with other companies. It can also make your company and website a reliable resource for information. Even if a customer does not purchase from your site, they are still generating traffic. In addition, they can know that your company is a reliable resource to refer back to in the future, which may incline them to purchase from your company. If companies fail to ensure their website is mobile-friendly, this can cause customers to refer to other websites for information.

Ecommerce Solutions at Virtucom Group

If you’re looking to improve the shopping experience for millennials and future generations, Virtucom Group is equipped with the knowledge to help. With an emphasis on creating a user-friendly and resourceful website design, we can assist you in creating the right ecommerce strategy. To learn more about updating your content marketing strategy, contact us today.

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