How Product Descriptions Influence an Entire Retail Site’s Performance

March 23, 2023

by Brian Wright

Over the last several decades, the rise of ecommerce has been simply impressive and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As it stands in 2023, the number of digital buyers has reached a staggering 2.64 billion. That number makes up 33.3% of the population worldwide, meaning that one out of every three people is an online shopper. With such an eye-popping statistic, retailers would be smart to focus their efforts on their online shopping platform and learn what entices consumers to make purchases.

When looking at the evidence to suggest whether or not product descriptions have an impact on ecommerce sales, the results just might shock you. Nearly 90% of consumers rate product content as extremely or very important when deciding to buy. What’s more, another study claims that 64% of users return online purchases due to poorly written product descriptions. Still, the question remains, why are product descriptions so vital to the overall online shopping experience? Here, Virtucom Group, experts in providing effective ecommerce solutions and product content creation services, explores this question further.

The Relationship between Product Descriptions and Consumers

Simply put, product descriptions highlight key features of a product or service and are a business’s opportunity to sell an online shopper why their product is superior compared to competitors. They can be witty and funny or serious and strictly factual – whatever the case, they should exemplify the overall tone the retailer is known for. Product descriptions can even tell a story to make them more relatable, encouraging consumers to visualize themselves using the product or service.

With all of that being said, it still doesn’t explain why descriptions impact consumers as much as they do. While today’s highly digitalized customers want to evaluate their options before making a purchase, they also want a pleasing customer experience. According to a recent study conducted by Salesforce, 79% of consumers said that the shopping experience a brand offers to them is as important as the products and deals they were offering. Product descriptions help enhance the overall customer experience, encouraging them to make purchases.

What Makes an Effective Product Description?

Product descriptions should be concise, genuine, and easy to read. They should not simply be a list of features, but rather a compelling depiction as to why a consumer should add that product to their cart. Some key components of effective product descriptions include the following:

Emotional Connection

The most effective product descriptions are ones that can resonate with prospective consumers on a deeper level. The description of your product should not only highlight its features but also focus on the emotion behind it. Instead of solely listing out the features of a product, your copy should instead detail how the product can positively affect the customer’s life.

Relevant Keywords

SEO or search engine optimization is an important element when it comes to writing effective product descriptions. Even with a great product description, an attractive visual, and an amazing product, businesses won’t be able to convert browsing customers into sales if nobody gets to see your product. Strategically including relevant keywords in your product descriptions helps your business achieve the needed visibility in searches and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Correct Tone

Consumers browsing your website are most likely in the market to make a purchase. Incorporating a persuasive tone and actionable words can quickly catch the eye of the reader and compel them to complete a purchase.

Product Content Creation Experts at Virtucom Group

The benefits of effective and compelling product descriptions cannot be denied. However, most ecommerce companies don’t have the necessary resources or skills to create such content. As part of our e-commerce content, Virtucom Group specializes in producing effective product content for a variety of clients. Our team of highly trained writers and editors is here to meet all your product content creation needs. Contact us today to learn more about our ecommerce strategy services, as well as our other offerings.

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