Category Content to Inform Online Consumers (And Win Them Over)

July 13, 2022

by Hannah Hall

Enhancing the customer experience should be at the forefront of every company’s ecommerce strategy. This is especially true when it comes to online shopping. When consumers purchase a product, they typically require abundant information about the product and how it can be used.

One efficient way to improve customer shopping is by implementing category content pages on your site. Category content is best described as a webpage dedicated to one batch of products that fall into the same category. It provides an overview of similar products or services and creates a further context for products. But category content differs from a product description page. This is because category content is typically denser in content.

Specializing in content services, Virtucom Group highlights the benefits of including category content in your ecommerce strategy.

Organized Product Information Pays Off

Most products naturally fall into specific categories and subcategories. This can include things like toys, clothes, or furniture. Organizing these products into broader categories not only helps to make navigation easier for customers, but also gives them more extensive browsing opportunities.

For example, clothes can be broken into further categories, such as shirts or pants. However, these categories can be dissected even more into subcategories, based on elements like style or color. For each of these categories, adding a category content page can provide even more information about products. This ensures consumers are fully informed before making a purchase.

Enhancing Your SEO Efforts

If you feel like your website is lacking, you may want to consider enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Category content is a great way to add SEO keywords and phrases to place higher on the search engine results page (SERP).

SEO works by detecting popular words and phrases that people typically search for when looking for certain products. When your website implements these keywords and phrases, it can potentially rank you above a competitor on the SERP. In turn, this can increase your organic website traffic – and boost sales. And because category content adds an extra page of content, it allows you to implement even more keywords and phrases.

However, while ranking high on the SERP is important, it’s arguably even more crucial to ensure your customers have an easy shopping experience. That’s why you should be mindful when implementing keywords into your content, making sure they sound natural to readers when browsing your site. Adding too many keywords can potentially overwhelm and deter customers, while engaging, non-duplicated copy can have the reverse effect.

Better Brand Awareness

Category content can be a great way to introduce new and existing customers to your brand and values. Because category content pages are more content-heavy than product description pages, this allows companies to get more creative, transparent, and open with their content. Not only can this empower customers to resonate with your brand, but it also works to increase consumer trust. Category content gives you the chance to create and reinforce your identity. It also allows companies to cater to their customer base in a relatable and personable way. In addition, category content can introduce customers to your products and the benefits they can provide.

When defining your brand, there should be a good balance between information and friendliness. While category content can allow you to showcase the tone of your website, brand, and company, customers will still want further information about the product or service. Also, category content should still be enticing and understandable for readers. You should utilize this extra page of content to paint a picture of how the product can benefit the customer.

Informing Customers with Detailed Features

When a customer is looking to purchase a product, they usually look for the most important, helpful details that can assist them in making an informed purchasing decision. While you should avoid using category content to list every detail about the product, you can still use this added page to expand on the important ones. This can give customers a better understanding of the product, how it works, and how they can use it in their own lives. In addition, category content can work to answer any questions customers may have. If they are looking at a certain product, they may refer to the category content page for additional information.

Ability to Showcase Other Products

Customers value loyalty. In most cases, if they find a certain brand or product they enjoy, they may search for other products by the same or similar brands. Implementing a category content page can introduce customers to other products you have to offer. Because category content organizes products by category, this allows consumers to browse for other products easily. It can also enhance the customer shopping experience by narrowing their search. If a customer finds that a product is not suited to their needs, they can refer to the category content pages to find what they are looking for.

Category content pages can also encourage customers to purchase products they may not have originally intended to. This is because category content allows consumers to easily visualize additional products they may suddenly realize they need or want. This added content on your webpage can also be a great opportunity to utilize in-text linking, which is the process of implementing links to products or services within your content. This allows customers to easily click through various products as they read your category content.

Strengthen Your Ecommerce Strategy with Category Content

For additional help and expertise on your ecommerce strategy and data solutions, rely on the knowledge and expertise of Virtucom Group. With extensive experience in enhancing the online presence of Fortune 500 retailers across the U.S., our team is ready to provide the ecommerce solutions you need to boost organic traffic. To learn more about creating category content, contact us today.

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