4 Reasons to Avoid the AI-Generated Content Trend

February 2, 2023

by Nicole Sorce

It’s 2023, and artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere you look. So, it’s no surprise that AI-generated content has become one of the latest trends to hit the marketing industry. There’s even a story circulating about how Ryan Reynolds used an AI-generated script in a recent Mint Mobile ad. But let’s think about it – is this really something to be proud of? At Virtucom Group, we believe that AI-generated content should come nowhere close to a business’ marketing strategy. Here, we explain four of the biggest reasons to avoid content bots and related services.

1. Content Bots Have No Conscious

AI-generated content uses a series of algorithms to create sentences and paragraphs on a certain topic. These pieces might sound coherent, but they are not to be fully trusted. As every business owner knows, you must take special care to not offend anybody with your published content. Because content bots have no conscious, they are unable to empathize with your target audience, especially those going through challenging circumstances.

For example, if a cancer hospital uses AI-generated content, it risks publishing information with insensitive wording. Many healthcare providers want to avoid labeling people as “cancer patients” and instead use “patients with cancer” or “patients battling disease.” Content bots might not take wording preferences into consideration. No matter the industry you’re in, this is one reason why effective content marketing and product content must be created by humans, who can feel emotions and decipher what is appropriate to include.

2. You Don’t Really Know Where Content Is Coming From

It’s obvious that content bots lack human touch, and they surely are not all built the same. Do you really know where your information is coming from, and can you really trust it? AI content is in its infancy, and countless providers are popping up, claiming they are the place to call for optimal SEO, more organic traffic, and a higher conversion rate. In reality, preliminary studies show that AI-generated content is performing worse than human-written content.

3. Robots Might Miss SEO Best Practices

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), best practices are constantly changing from year to year – and even month to month. Take it from us – quite the sophisticated content bot would be needed to keep up with current SEO standards. Your content is best left in the hands of an experienced agency, with experts on call who know exactly when SEO best practices change and can immediately adapt.

4. Content Could Be Riddled with Errors (or Even Duplicated)

Your reputation is on the line with everything you post on your website or other platforms. Little data suggests that AI should be trusted with marketing content, product descriptions, and other publications. Many initial reports find that AI-generated content contains many typos, factual mistakes, and grammatical errors, and there’s also the chance that you could be paying for duplicated content, one of the biggest things to avoid. To succeed with your SEO efforts, human-written content guarantees uniqueness while engaging consumers with keyword-rich, accurate information.

Get Content Creation Assistance from Experienced Humans

At Virtucom Group, we provide content to Fortune 500 retailers, marketing agencies, and business owners daily. The use of AI is prohibited internally, meaning the content you purchase from us will always be produced by experienced, human copywriters and editors. To learn more about our content services and how you can keep AI-generated content far away from your marketing plans, contact us today.

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