3 Advantages of Using Multiple Product Images in Ecommerce

March 1, 2023

by Andrew Stack

It's known that people only retain about 10% of all information told to them. However, if images are included, people remember around 65% of that information several days later. Images have a powerful effect on the human brain, and this can be especially felt with ecommerce content.

When browsing your site, customers want ample information about your products to compare options and make informed purchases. Like product attributes and videos, images give shoppers the insight they need to verify an item meets their specifications. They may also give you a leg up against competitors who don’t use images, encouraging customers to buy through your ecommerce site.

Just one image per product might be enough to attract eyes, but having a variety of high-quality images can make a substantial difference when seeking to boost conversions, sales, and brand loyalty. The more images you use, the more customers can envision how the item works or whether or not it suits their aesthetic or functional needs. To help you improve your ecommerce strategy, Virtucom Group discusses the benefits of using multiple product images.

1. Supplement the Product Attributes

Product attributes are the characteristics that help people pinpoint a specific item. Color is a recognizable product attribute, as many ecommerce sites selling clothes will show customers small dots indicating different options.

As vital as they are, product attributes may only provide shoppers with half the information they need. Consider the example of clothes and color — some sites only have one picture of a shirt or pair of pants in the standard color (often black or white). If there are other colors, customers can only guess how they will appear on the shirt. Consumers that compare shops are more likely to buy from a site that provides a separate image of the shirt in each color.

Multiple images can be particularly helpful for products with complex attributes, like appliances. Customers look at several features of refrigerators, including door style, energy efficiency, and ice-making capabilities. Images corresponding with each aspect give buyers the confidence to choose the model that best meets their demands.

2. Expand on the Product Descriptions

Although visual material can be more arresting than text, your product descriptions still matter. In most cases, the images complement the description, allowing customers to see the features explained in detail on the product page. If the description mentions a specific function, supply an image dedicated to that aspect. Close-up photos can help in these instances, as they deliver a clearer picture of what the feature does.

Multiple product images are most valuable in this way for larger items like dressers. The single, front-facing picture only indicates the number of drawers and the color. Additional close-ups inside the drawers, the knobs, and the wood grain or finish will show customers what sets the dresser apart from other choices.

3. Give the Product Lifestyle Context

Not all product images display items against a blank background — many ecommerce sites will include pictures of models using the item in actual settings. For instance, an online retailer selling a grill might have several pictures of people using the grill at summer cookouts in addition to the standard images highlighting attributes.

These images help customers visualize using the product and how well it fits into their daily routine, lifestyle, and aesthetic tastes. Another example is a pair of shoes. Simply having images of the shoes may not be enough to prompt a shopper to purchase, but showcasing a model wearing the shoes can express how they mesh with a particular outfit. This visual cue could be what pushes the consumer to buy from your store.

A Note on Image Quality

While having multiple images is crucial, remember that quality comes before quality. You may have 10 or more photos for a single product, but if they’re small and blurry, they aren’t valuable to customers. What’s more, they may reduce trust in your brand, preventing prospects from returning. The combination of clear, relevant images and their variety makes the difference.

Enhance Your Product Listings with Multiple Images

If you’re unsure where to begin with product images, it pays to seek guidance from experienced content strategists. At Virtucom Group, our team uses an innovative item onboarding service called ProdX and has years of experience attaining images for various items across numerous product types. Contact us today for an overview of our ecommerce services and more tips about augmenting your ecommerce strategy.  

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