Why Marketing and Ad Agencies Should Partner with Virtucom Group

November 17, 2021

by Virtucom Group Team

As a reputable agency, your company prides itself on serving some of the biggest retailers on the planet, helping them bring impressionable, successful advertisements to life. However, more and more retailers seek optimized product content and other ecommerce solutions to truly remain competitive in the marketplace. If you don’t offer services like unique product content and category pages, content marketing, and data ecommerce solutions, you risk disappointing big clients and potentially losing them to a competing agency, which can meet their pressing search engine optimization (SEO) needs.


Luckily, that’s where Virtucom Group comes in. A partnership with us means extending your internal resources to offer such services – without hiring dozens of new employees. Here, we explain how Virtucom Group’s offerings benefit not only marketing and advertising agencies but their clients as well.

First of All, What Does Virtucom Group Do?

Since 2002, Virtucom Group has specialized in creating strategic, engaging content to help businesses increase their search engine results page (SERP) presence. In doing so, we’ve assisted major retailers, including Best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot, and Academy Sports + Outdoors, in increasing online leads and converting them into new customers. In addition to customizing taxonomies, product descriptions, and the like, we’re also a trusted provider of content marketing services, which entail using SEO-friendly practices to write online copy for the following industries and more:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Real estate
  • Financial
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Food and beverage
  • Tourism

How We Benefit Retailers and Their Agencies

You’ve already proven to your clients that you understand their brand vision and can execute the captivating commercials and social media posts they’re after. But what happens when they ask for your help with product content optimization, SEO strategies, and other services that you don’t offer? Instead of potentially losing their business to an agency that can offer it all, provide retailers with a turnkey solution by partnering with Virtucom Group.

Gain a quick preview of how you can meet your clients’ biggest ecommerce challenges with the following services provided by our team:

Ecommerce Solutions

It takes more than just well-placed advertisements and catchy jingles to move consumers from the browsing to buying phase. Virtucom Group’s ecommerce solutions optimize retailers’ websites by:

    • Identifying inaccuracies and missing information in vendor-provided data
    • Working with vendors to eliminate gaps in product attributes and ensure total accuracy
    • Creating consistent product names and fact-driven descriptions
    • Ensuring no duplicate content with unique copy for each SKU
    • Using targeted keywords and phrases to build organic SERP traffic
    • Revamping taxonomies and hierarchies to improve user experience
    • And more…

Content Marketing Services

How a retailer’s website and blog copy is written can make all the difference in their SERP ranking. Our content marketing services ensure that each page and post engages readers, from the meta description and headers to the call to action. Rely on our team for assistance in crafting the following copy for retailers and other businesses:

    • Landing pages
    • Blog posts
    • Sponsor content articles
    • Social media posts

Extend Your Internal Resources with Virtucom Group

Keep your clients happy and meet their product content optimization needs – even if your agency doesn’t directly offer these services. By partnering with Virtucom Group, your agency can extend your internal resources and provide the ecommerce solutions retailers demand in today’s online marketplace. Plus, we can help you avoid the huge operational responsibility of managing a large staff of copywriters and editors – simply let our team handle these tasks for you.

To learn more about how your marketing or advertising agency and your clients can benefit from our services, schedule a free consultation with Virtucom Group.

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