Using Product Data for a Successful Ecommerce Strategy

November 11, 2022

by Hannah Hall

Writing product content can appear to be simple, but there are many layers to creating a successful, comprehensive record. Not only do you have to think about informing consumers, but you should also be mindful of using engaging, intriguing language to persuade readers.

There are three layers of product data that can be used to enhance your ecommerce strategy: product attributes, product features, and product descriptions. Altogether, these elements can both tell customers about a product and gain their attention. You should look at all the product data – down to the tiniest details – to really inform and educate consumers. Specializing in ecommerce content, content writing services, and data solutions, Virtucom Group discusses the three layers of product data that can work to drive traffic and increase sales.

What Are Product Attributes?

Product attributes contain smaller, more technical details that can help customers decide how your product can fit into their own lives. They can also assist customers in answering lingering questions after reading the features and descriptions without having to conduct further research. Product attributes rely less on aesthetically pleasing language and more on the technical aspects of a product. In turn, this makes your company’s products more reliable as customers can see information that legitimizes them.

Product attributes can contain important information, such as:

  • Measurements
  • Warranties
  • Applications
  • Manufacturer information
  • Materials

Using specific, detailed product attributes in your content is also a great tool for organizing information. Messy website design can leave customers confused as they navigate your website. However, product attribute data aids in separating your products into specific categories, making them easy to find and browse through. It helps narrow down searches, allowing customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

What Are Product Features?

The next ecommerce strategy for implementing effective product content is to utilize product features for each SKU. Product features contain important information in an easy-to-read format. Typically, product features are displayed in concise, bulleted lists to educate consumers about a product in a way that’s accessible and simple to consume. They work to give readers a general summary of the exciting features a product has to offer.

You can use the product features to expand on key information listed in the attributes, giving further context to important elements of each product. For example, product features can be used to show how a product works or for highlighting essential information that sets your product apart from others. Product features also use persuasive language to entice customers, but they still focus on informing and educating them about the product.

What Are Product Descriptions?

The product description is more flexible in terms of using the content to gain the reader’s attention. It utilizes engaging, aesthetically pleasing language to tell a story, enticing readers to picture how they might use the product after purchase. This section is more content-heavy than other parts of the record, so you should use your product description to paint a picture or scenario in which the product may be useful. Companies can also use this area to introduce customers to their brand and brand personality.

Product descriptions are the best way to set you apart from other companies who may be selling similar products. However, product descriptions should still focus on showcasing the unique features that may make a product worth purchasing.

Because a product description is usually the first aspect readers look at when browsing products, it’s important to ensure your descriptions are informative yet engaging. You must use concise, clear language to persuade the reader without deterring them. You should rely on the product description to highlight only the most useful, unique details of your product. In addition, it’s important that readers do not leave your site with further questions about a product, even after reading the product content. By utilizing your product description to hold the most effective information, you can work to answer any potential questions customers may have. In turn, this gives them an even clearer picture of the product and how it can benefit them.

Enhance Your Product Content with Virtucom Group

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