Wipe Out The Competition On Cyber Monday With These Content Creation Tips

Sep 13, 2017 4:30:00 PM

by Virtucom Group Team


In 2016, Adobe’s Cyber Monday report indicated that online sales reached $3.45 billion – a 12.1% increase year-over-year – making it the biggest shopping day in the history of U.S. e-commerce. As more and more shoppers gain access to high-speed internet via home and mobile devices and become more comfortable spending money online, e-commerce retailers need to make big improvements to the online shopping experience to drive conversion and beat out competitors on Cyber Monday. Get a jumpstart on your competition this holiday season with these Cyber Monday 2017 e-commerce tips.

Tap Into the Potential of Cyber Monday

Besides the prospect of purchasing goods at deep discounts, consumers shop on Cyber Monday for product availability, quality selection and special offers, such as free shipping. Customers also look online to avoid lengthy lines at brick-and-mortar stores and easily compare prices from the comfort of home. In order to attract customers who prefer online shopping over in-store shopping, you need to ensure that your Cyber Monday SKUs are online before November 27, make sure that each page is optimized for SEO and create vibrant landing pages to engage potential buyers.

Start Now

Type “Cyber Monday 2017” into a search engine, and see how many e-commerce retailers have landing pages already set up for the big day. It’s neither too early nor too late to begin content creation, constructing enhanced product pages and creating user-friendly landing pages to support Cyber Monday content and details. Once you’ve identified your deals, beef up each product page to include engaging images, rich product descriptions and strong feature bullets.

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Optimize Content For SEO

On Cyber Monday, many e-commerce retailers will be offering the same products and deals as you are. So how do you make your e-commerce site stand out? Focus on search engine optimization. As you write product pages for Cyber Monday, choose content and keywords that drive organic traffic. You should also learn about your audience to understand what content could be enhanced and what content can be deleted. By creating unique product pages chockfull of keywords, your website may begin to rank higher in searches. In turn, more customers will navigate to your site, increasing your sales potential.

Create Cyber Monday Landing Pages

The one word that describes Cyber Monday is convenience. Make your customers’ online shopping experiences even better on Cyber Monday 2017 with landing pages created specifically for the day’s deals. Landing pages, such as holiday gift idea recommendation pages, help promote sales, add SEO value to your e-commerce site and generate customer engagement. Each landing page should have a strong call-to-action (CTA). After all, you’re trying to sell potential shoppers on the idea that your e-commerce site has the best offers of the day.

A landing page designed to sell only Cyber Monday deals helps drive conversion and curates your quality selection. In this instance, you may want to skip the menu navigation for a simple, clean, buyer-friendly layout for distraction-free shopping. Make sure you also emphasize that it’s a Cyber Monday sale, how long the deals are good for and how much the buyer will save by shopping with you.

Reap The Rewards

Between Black Friday, weekly holiday ads and Cyber Monday, your marketing team may be stretched thin, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the largest online revenue-generating day of the year. Whether you need to ramp up your custom content production, increase speed to market or ensure the accuracy of your product pages, it is not too late to get started.  Follow these tips, and you will be seeing black on Cyber Monday! 

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