How Retailers Can Seize the New Year with a Better Taxonomy

January 18, 2023

by Nicole Sorce

Of all the ecommerce data solutions we offer at Virtucom Group, taxonomy assistance is among the most requested by Fortune 500 retailers. And based on our decades of experience, the beginning of a new year is the most opportune time to get a new hierarchy and attribute design rolling. This way, retailers not only reap initial benefits, but they are also plenty prepared for big year-end sales days, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Learn more about hierarchy and attribute design and how we can help retailers direct the right online consumers to the right products.

What Does a Taxonomy Consist Of?

When designed correctly, an ecommerce site’s taxonomy accurately represents every product available for purchase. It provides a means for online consumers to find the exact products they’re looking for, down to minute specifications. Ecommerce taxonomies are organized by categories and attributes, ensuring that shoppers can easily buy products and enjoy the best possible shopping experience.

Of course, creating a menu of a retailer’s entire schema is only half the battle. Each individual category and product page must be crafted with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind. At Virtucom Group, our talented team of in-house writers and editors are highly trained to avoid duplicate content, research relevant keywords, and much more. Our content creation services are meant as an extension to a retailer’s ecommerce team, taking the guesswork out of product and category content and ensuring the taxonomy is correctly populated with pertinent information.

How Virtucom Group Upgrades a Taxonomy

When it comes to revamping a taxonomy, hierarchy and attribute design is no easy feat and should be left to the experts. For over 20 years, Virtucom Group has served leading multichannel retailers across North America, offering partnerships that optimize site navigation, refine hierarchy design and category attribute modeling, and provide SEO-friendly, unique, engaging content. We have our taxonomy services down to a science, and we adapt to any retailer’s unique requirements and systems.

Virtucom Group takes the following steps with ecommerce taxonomies:

  • Analysis: Our team considers every category in an assortment before defining the best approach.
  • Hierarchy design: Under the care of our taxonomy specialists, we then design a hierarchy to ensure it holds every product in the retailer’s current or future catalog.
  • Attribute modeling: We define each product attribute based on various factors, as well as use normalized lists of values and field types, to ensure the correct data is consistently displayed.
  • Delivery: When the taxonomy is complete, we’ll help retailers implement it into any new or existing product information management (PIM) platform.

The Time for Better Ecommerce Solutions Is Now

The numbers from the holiday season are fresh, and taxonomy development does not happen overnight. For retailers who want to seize 2023 and beyond, the time is now to include an upgraded taxonomy in their ecommerce strategy. In addition to hierarchy and attribute design, Virtucom Group also offers a number of trusted data solutions for retailers, including:

  • Faceted navigation
  • Customized data feeds
  • Data cleansing
  • Migration services
  • Product content and more…

To learn more about our ecommerce solutions, contact us today.

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